Product Review: Comic Kitty Cat Bowl

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Like many of you, I find my pets adorable.  And ridiculous.  Their crazy animal antics keep me smiling, and remind me how grateful I am that they don’t have opposable thumbs.  There would be no stopping the silliness!

Thankfully, I found a cat bowl that is as entertaining as they are: the Comic Kitty cat bowl.

tortie with comic kitty bowl

Filled with food, the Comic Kitty is a practical, cat-shaped kibble buffet.  It’s easy to clean (via sponge or, for us lazier humans, dishwasher), and very lightweight.  Unlike ceramic bowls of a similar thickness, it is quite resistant to chipping.  This is great news for those of us who keep cat food on a table… no more broken dishes, even if your cat is the type who likes to “accidentally” knock things off the counter.  Not that mine do that.  They are angels.  As long as I keep the cat bowl well-stocked with food, they have promised not to post any trolling comments on our blog.

Used for water, these bowls are even better.  The cat face sketch shows through the water.  My tabby Bean enjoys gazing at the cat cartoon as he laps up liquid refreshment. “Who is that fine feline figure staring back at me?”  he asks, pondering the meaning of all nine lives.  He is drawn time and again to the alluring portrait of a funny-faced tom cat in his dish.  Like Narcissus, he stares longingly into his reflection worked in monochromatic melamine, drooling over it in what can only be described as reverie. Drooling a lot, actually.  I guess he’s just prone to drooling.  Some of us are messy diners.

ornage tabby with comic kitty bowl

What Bean doesn’t know is that these cat bowls were a great deal – less than $10 for a set of two, with all proceeds going to help adoptable shelter pets.

The Comic Kitty cat bowl sets come in black, grey and white or green and blue.  O.R.E. also makes a Puppy Bowl set.  Click over to to see our whole selection of cat supplies.

What qualities are you looking for in a cat bowl? Leave us a comment below!