Return to Shelter – Chewie’s Story

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Hi! My name is Chewie, and I would like to share how I came to find my forever home.

Last year, I was adopted by a family from the Adopt & Shop, who I lived with for only a few months. Sadly, they had to send me back but they said it would only be temporary. They promised to find me a good foster family until they could come get me again. So, off I went back to the Adopt and Shop. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be back on display to show off my cuteness. Instead, I had to sit in the back room in a crate!!! I can tell you right now, that is no place for a girl like me. So there I was waiting day and night for a foster family. I know… this is pretty sad stuff.

chihuahua mix in a kennel

Well, here is the part of my story where things start to look up for me: It was a sunny day in May when one of the Adopt & Shop volunteers came in to foster some dog I thought was pretty annoying. Anyway, this “annoying” dog ended up getting adopted and there I was sitting so nicely in my crate just hoping someone would remember me. And guess what! They did! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that I had a foster family! I jumped out of my crate and into the arms of my temporary mommy. Life was looking good for me.

So, a few months went by and I loved this new home. My temporary mommy and daddy were soooo nice. They let me sleep on the bed, snuggle on the couch, and I got so many walks! Oh yeah, they even got rid of my fleas! Sometimes though, I got a little sad when my foster mommy would talk about possibly having to give me back to my original family. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about them. Oops… I guess that’s not nice, but I’m just telling the truth.

chihuahua mix getting a belly rub

Finally, the big day arrived… June 1st. This was the last chance for my original family to claim me. I waited all day by the phone….just waiting and waiting. But guess what! The phone never rang and my dream came true! I was adopted by my foster family and I was finally able to call this place home.

Now I have three wonderful roommates: a dog named Buzz, a parrot named Tommy, and a 16 lb. cat named Mr. Sneeze. I don’t think the cat likes me very much. (Every time I see him I try to play, but he just hits me in the face and makes an angry sound.) The parrot Tommy is so good to live with. He always drops these peanut things… and believe me, they are DELICIOUS!

2 mutts laying in bed together

Well everyone, that’s about it for my story. I know I’m going to have so many fun adventures coming, so I’ll keep you all posted! Wags and kisses to you all!

-  Chewie McChewington Pettay

This story was contributed by one of our very own Found Animals volunteers. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information on how you can volunteer with us, too!

4 Responses

  1. Mischelle Uhlman says:

    That is a really touching story and seems to reflect some the emotions we all imagine animals have when they lose their homes and get scared of the unknown. They just can’t tell us how they feel, so we can be sensitive like Chewy’s new family.
    Yay for adopt and shop.

  2. Mickie P. says:

    Chewie’s story is the cutest story I’ve heard. I’m so glad she has a good home that she loves now.

  3. ana says:

    Love positive and happy endings for our animals.

  4. Abigail Ferry says:

    Chewie, you are a very cute dog and I’m so glad you’re happy in your home. I bet you would really like my old dog Shelby, she’s just like you.

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