Celebrities Loving on Black Cats: Adopt a Mini-Panther on National Black Cat Day!

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I know you’ve heard this all before but stars really are just like us.  Many stars are huge animal-lovers and they do a lot of work raising money, awareness and even getting right into the animal rescue world to get their hands dirty. Working in the animal realm, we see how one well-placed tweet, Facebook post, ad campaign or recommendation from a celebrity can be a major tipping point that helps organizations and their animals. So we are saying a special thank you to celebs who have given black cats a shout out!

michael jackson

Michael Jackson Photo courtesy of lovelycatslife.com

Photo courtesy of mamamia.com.au

Elizabeth Taylor Photo courtesy of mamamia.com.au

Photo courtesy of Upout.com

Morgan Freeman Photo courtesy of Upout.com

Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Paulina Porizkova Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Alfonso Ribeiro (Carleton Banks!) Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Carole Lombard Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Photo courtesy of izismile.com

John and Yoko Ono Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Nicole Kidman Photo courtesy of izismile.com

Photo courtesy of lovelycatslife.com

Keanu Reeves Photo courtesy of lovelycatslife.com

Since it’s National Black Cat Day, let’s talk about the plight of all the ebony-coated animals in our shelters. Black pets fall into the category of “less adoptable.”  Though there are no hard statistics on the number of black cats and dogs euthanized versus other colors, any shelter or rescue worker will tell you a prejudice does exist, and it’s called Black Dog/Cat Syndrome.

There are many reasons why black pets are overlooked. Jackson Galaxy, who spent many years working in the shelter system before he took his gifts to television, talks in his first book about how potential adopters will pause for approximately one second at a kennel before moving on. What usually jumps out are the cats that are a bit more visually diverse. Different colored eyes and cool stripes or spots will usually trump black.

adoptable black cat

Former street cat Bob is sweet as can be!

The funny thing is that black cats have the most dynamic personalities! We’ve had thousands of cats and kittens come through Adopt & Shop on their journey from animal shelter to permanent home and, in our experience, the black cats always crack us up with their antics. They can be so silly and then immediately flip the switch, sitting up tall and regal, looking like miniature panthers. black cat

To check out all of our adoptable dogs and cats, check out our Adopt-A-Pet page. We hope that if you are thinking about adoption, you will consider adopting one that may otherwise be overlooked.

2 Responses

  1. Catwoods says:

    I really enjoyed these photos, they’re wonderful.! My black cats have been some of the sweetest kitties ever! They’re also some of the most beautiful. Wishing success with your efforts to get black kitties adopted.

    • Annie M says:

      Thank you Catwoods! We have such a variety of awesome black cats and kittens right now. Hopefully some of them will find great homes this weekend!