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Quality Assurance & Non Surgical Sterilants

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By: Shirley D. Johnston, DVM, PhD, DACT
When you’re giving out a $25 million prize, it’s crucial to have all your ducks in a row.

In order to win the grand prize, a scientist must prove to the foundation that he or she has developed a single dose, non-surgical sterilant for male and female cats and dogs that is safe, “approvable” as a veterinary prescription drug by the…

19 Spay4LA Spay & Neuter Mobile

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The SPAY4LA mobile clinic has been operating in south Los Angeles since September 2010 and has spayed & neutered over 9,000 pets since opening it’s door to the public. The mission of SPAY4LA is to provide free spay and neuter to the communities that provide the most intake to city animal shelters by bringing the clinic to their communities.

When Spay4LA first started, the mobile unit provided free spay and neuter surgeries to two zip codes in south Los Angeles and operated only 3 days a week. Now the Spay4LA mobile unit provides free surgeries to 4 zip codes and…

2012 Trap Neuter Return Workshop Wrap Up

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This past Sunday 6/24/12, we held our second ever TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Workshop.  While our first was held in May 2011 in Van Nuys with 70 attendees, this year we were thrilled to have 140 registrations at our location at the beautiful Rio Hondo Event Center in Downey.
Our speakers (Bryan Kortis of PetSmart Charities, Karn Myers and Liz Cava of FixNation, Christi Metropole from Stray Cat Alliance, Dona Cosgrove-Baker and Lauren Laster from Feral Cat Caretakers, Ben Lehrer from Kitten Rescue as well as two of our own staffers) ignited the crowd with their knowledge and experience.  They shared great…

The TNR Workshop is Coming!

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Did you know that studies of where cats were obtained show that:

  • 8% were purchased
  • 16% were adopted from the shelter
  • 31% were strays
  • 45% were the offspring of friends’ cats

Of those 31% that were strays, many were previously owned cats that were discarded by their owners.
Those cats wandering the streets are not always re-homed and often they live the rest of their lives on their own.  They have kittens and those kittens have kittens.  As those cats don’t have interactions with people, they become more and more wild over time and generations.  They are afraid of people

4 Free Spay and Neuter this Summer in Los Angeles

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Every year when the weather heats up, our canine and feline friends hear the call of nature and get down to the business of making puppies and kittens.  We all love the cuteness of baby dogs and cats, but the reality is that they are a lot of work and cost – and that there are already too many adorable homeless pets in need.

Spaying or neutering your dog and cat is a win-win-win situation.  Not only will you avoid the mess and frustration of heat cycles, but also the cost and hassle of an unwanted litter or the heartbreak…

Progressing Towards a Life Saving Product

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Since 2009, the Michelson Prize & Grants in Reproductive Biology, a prize philanthropy program of Found Animals Foundation, has funded 19 research grants to develop methods to permanently sterilize cats and dogs without surgery.  This month, the program brought together the funded scientists to discuss their progress towards realization of this game changing product.  The meeting was lively and exciting, and each researcher brought their best ideas to the table. Will one of these scientists win the $25 million Michelson Prize?
With the $25 million prize and millions of animals’ lives in the balance, the stakes are high, but the…

Found Animals Celebrates Leaders in Animal Welfare

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Carl Bell, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Tony Cardenas,Robert Kovacik

Last Saturday April 14th, the Found Animals Foundation honored Leaders in Animal Welfare at an elegant celebration at Mr. C Beverly Hills that coincided with Spay Neuter Project Los Angeles 5th Anniversary.
Approximately 125 guests were in attendance, including celebrities, government leaders, animal welfare professionals and volunteers.  The Foundation honored Lu Parker, Los Angeles City Councilman Tony Cardenas, PetSmart President Bob Moran and PetSmart Charities Executive Director, Susana Della Maddalena.  Each has contributed tremendously in our vision to end overpopulation and reduce companion animal euthanasia in Los Angeles.
Hector Elizondo (Chicago Hope, Last Man Standing) started the evening by awarding…

Kitten Season is Upon Us


kitten season

Although it is difficult to differentiate the seasons while living in Los Angeles (an aside: I recently thought summer starts in May but the calendar tells me otherwise), I noticed on my calendar and from the Google Doodle that spelled out “Google” with beautiful spring flowers that we have officially entered spring season. And in the animal world, spring season is synonymous with kitten season.
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to common questions about kitten season:
1. What is kitten season?
Kitten seasons are periods of time during the year when cats have kittens. Kitten season occurs…

2 What is a Feral Cat Exactly?


grey feral cat

Having graduated with a degree in English, I have fancied myself a connoisseur of the English language. Working at Found Animals, I have occasionally heard the term “feral cat” mostly in the context of “TNR,” or trap, neuter and release. The following is a step by step process that went on in my brain upon hearing the term “feral” cat for the first time:
Me: I know what a cat is, but what is a feral cat?
Me (again): Feral means something of the wild, I believe.
Me (once again): If feral means ‘of the wild,’ then would feral cats…

Ask Pink: My Grumpy Cat Answers Your Questions About the Michelson Prize & Grants

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Meh. My human Katy signed me up to be the quote unquote “Ask the Grumpy Cat” for the Michelson Prize & Grants, but did she get my permission first? I think not. At least she didn’t try to put a sweater on me. Since I haven’t got much else to do today and she gave me the green this morning, I guess I can acquiesce just this once.  So ask me your burning questions. Pretend I care.
Dear Grumpy Cat,
 I’m looking to get my dog spayed, but if there is going to be a non-surgical way to sterilize her…