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Dog and Family Reunited (After 2,000 Miles) Thanks to Microchip


white poodle being held

LaCretia and her dog Blake arrived in Georgia ready for peaches and sunny weather…
Three weeks later, Blake was gone.
Like most pet owners, LaCretia figured pet loss would never happen to her. The scary reality is that 1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point. As a pet lover and animal ID advocate, I’ve heard countless stories from families whose pets went missing despite training, high fences, indoor lifestyles, locked gates and other precautions. Without permanent identification, most of those pets never make it home.
Luckily for Blake, he had a microchip.
When LaCretia adopted Blake from…

Lulu Got Lost in the Canyon…

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LULU Header


LULU was reunited with her family! But what was it that brought her home??
Lulu is a 1-year-old puppy who lives at a happy home. But on Thursday March 8th, she went missing. A 6-year-old boy who loved Lulu very much, was devastated.
All the way across town, Lulu arrived at Found Animals.  We knew she had an owner – but we weren’t sure where her family was. We were hopeful when we saw she had a license tag, but…
…that license tag was not what brought Lulu home! When we contacted the city to retrieve the…

3 Found Animals Microchip FAQ

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black dog gets microchipped

You’ll be hearing a lot from the Found Animals team in 2012 about pet identification – from pet licensing to microchipping and even ID tags. As you might guess from our name, we care very much about giving lost pets the best possible chance of being found and returned to their families.
In fact, Found Animals’ first program, launched in 2006, was our microchip program. In the last six years we’ve purchased and donated over 250,000 chips to Los Angeles area shelters and non-profits at a cost of well over $1 million dollars. Along the way, we’ve researched and tested…

26 Moving? Don’t Forget to Microchip Your Pet!

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long haired chihuahua with stuffed carrot

My friend just bought a house. A fancy house with things like a dishwasher, air-conditioning and a backyard (FYI, I’ll be hanging out there a lot)!
Anyway, it got me thinking…
When you move, you have to tell people in your life where to find you (how else can your friends enjoy your beautiful bay windows overlooking the park across the street).  But, along with telling your friends and family, you also need to update your information at the DMV, the post office and even…your pet’s microchip registry!
What’s a microchip registry, you ask? A microchip registry is an online…

The Indoor Cat Outdoor Cat Debate

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if i'm outsides i'm lost cat tag

It’s a debate as old as “What’s for Dinner”?  Should you let your cat go outdoors?  There are those pet owners that firmly believe in letting a cat fully experience its’ natural born behaviors such as climbing a tree, or chasing after birds. Opinions on this matter vary, but often include the notion that it is highly unfair to keep such a curious and free spirited cat confined only to the indoors. Then there are those pet owners who are fiercely adamant about keeping their cat indoor only.  There are good arguments for both sides, but after having worked in…

Be Prepared With a Pet Emergency Kit & Microchip


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Since 2000, when the HSUS and FEMA signed an agreement giving pet owners the go-ahead to bring their four legged family members with them to disaster shelters, the world has been a better place.  However, not all shelters can accept pets, so be sure to do your research now to find out where you will be able to take your WHOLE family in case of an emergency.  If you are unable to locate a suitable shelter for everyone, keep in mind that there are veterinary clinics and animal shelters as alternative options for boarding your pet.
In addition to having…

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

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black dog gets scanned for microchip

You can’t see me right now, but I’m giving technology a standing ovation.
It deserves it.
Look around you. Your phones, your lap tops, your TVs, your MP3 players etc.  All of it making the impossible, possible. Most of it was just a dream 10 years ago…and today… well, you can’t imagine life without it.
Even our four legged friends get the benefits of new technology in the form of a teeny-tiny chip. A pet microchip.
Don’t know what a microchip is? Well then, read all about it in Elizabeth’s blog, Pet ID Month: Microchips.
A collar can fall off,…

Adopt & Shop Grand Opening


Adopt & Shop ribbon cutting

Our Adopt & Shop Grand Opening this past Saturday, April 30th, was a huge success! With 16 animals finding their forever homes on Saturday, we brought our total adoptions to date to 44! It was a busy day, with many VIP (very important people AND pets) in attendance.
Diane DuBois, the Vice Mayor of Lakewood, visited to help celebrate the opening with an official ribbon cutting ceremony, and one of our very first adoptions (Violet, an adorable little pit bull puppy) came by Adopt & Shop to say, “Hi” and show us how big she was getting!

People from the…

10 Pet ID Month: Microchips


Woman and Lab Puppy for Registy

As Aimee mentioned in “Would your pet make it home?,” April is Pet ID month. Along with pet ID tags and licensing, microchips are a big part of properly identifying your pet and increasing the chances that they can return home if they ever leave your side.
A microchip is a tiny transponder device, about the size of a grain of rice, that is usually implanted with a syringe between a dog or cat’s shoulder blades. Each microchip is programmed with a unique identifying number that can be read using a microchip scanner. Your pet’s unique chip number is then…

Would Your Pet Make It Home?


black & white dog with tag

With “Tag Day” falling on April 2 and National Pet ID Week starting April 18th the team at Found Animals has declared that all of April is Pet ID Month. We’ll be featuring a series of posts this month on the importance  of pet identification and the three forms of ID that we recommend for every pet.
Proper identification is the best (and often only) way to ensure that your beloved pet finds their way home should they ever become lost or separated from you.  And you, like most pet owners, probably already know that.  Why then are the statistics…