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5 What Does Responsible Dog Ownership Mean to You?


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This September, cities all over the country are hosting their own Responsible Dog Ownership Day festivities.
Is there a dog in your family? If so, what does responsible dog ownership mean to you?
Responsible dog ownership can mean a lot of different things to different people. It all starts when you decide to adopt a dog. Will it be a big dog or a small dog? Male or female? Energetic or laid-back? Does it get along well with other pets in your family and will your other pets be okay with the new addition? These questions are just the beginning…

10 Reasons We Love America’s Family Pet Expo


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This post was co-authored by Jane C. and Deva C.
The Found Animals Microchip Team attended America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County last weekend where we hosted our biggest microchip clinic in 2012! Here are 10 things we saw (and fell in love with) while we were there:
1. Pampered pets
America’s domesticated divas were out in full force at the Expo. We spotted pooches in dresses and dungarees, pets sporting designer mini-goggles and jewelry, and some very glamorous pet ID tags. Many stylish “fur-dos” also caught our eyes: creative doggie ponytails were all the rage, but no one…

14 License Your Dog Before the Amnesty Period is Over!


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There are only three more weeks to license your pet with no penalties in Los Angeles!  A plan is in place for animal control officers to sweep through parts of the San Gabriel Valley to check and see what pets have been spayed and neutered, are current with their vaccines and have a current pet license.
Those who are not in compliance will face pet license fee delinquency charges (higher fees for animals that are not spayed or neutered) and an additional $40 fee. This can add up to hundreds of dollars, please don’t let this happen to you!

2 How Neighborhood Councils Help Animals

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Our External Relations Manager tells us a bit about what she does here at Found Animals and answers the most common questions people have about pets in their neighborhood.

My job at the Found Animals Foundation involves me visiting Neighborhood Councils across Los Angeles.  Before I started, I had no idea what a neighborhood council actually does— I’ve learned quickly that these are passionate people who are deeply involved in the day-to-day running of your area.  There are over 90 Neighborhood Councils (NCs) across LA and they have a general meeting once a month.
The NCs cover everything from zoning…

This Fall’s Hottest Collar Fashion


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When it comes to fashion, there are those who believe that one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.  From jorts to jeggings, there are enough fashion trends to keep your head spinning indefinitely.  While we can’t stop you from looking like a hot mess, we at Adopt & Shop have many options to keep your pet looking his or her best.
Preppy: Style Inspiration:  Ralph Lauren, Kanye West

Does your pet dream of belonging to a country club?  Is her monogrammed toy chest filled with a sea of pastel?  If so, then these Up Country and Red Dingo…

A Cool Kitty is a Collared Kitty


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Here at Found Animals we have a hankering for all things ID-related for pets. That’s because too many pets get lost without wearing a collar, pet ID tag or pet microchip. Unfortunately for our feline friends, this means that only 2% of cats entering a shelter are reunited with their owner. Should your kitty ever end up far from home and in an animal shelter, increase your chances of bringing kitty home by fitting her with a collar.
A collar for my cat, you say?
But of course!  Especially if your cat resides indoors, it is important to purchase a…

Is Licensing Required In YOUR City?


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Did you know that 1 out of every 3 pets will get lost at some point during their lifetime?  And without proper identification, 90% of lost pets never return home.  While we all like to believe this will never happen to us (“My pets would never leave the property!” “Our backyard is completely fenced in, how would Max get out?”), the unfortunate truth is that many beloved pets do wander off and natural disasters can occur without warning.  Proper pet identification drastically increases the chance that you will be reunited with your pet should he or she ever become lost.…

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My ID Tags


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10.  You can hear me comin’. Nothing excites me more than to walk into a room and have heads turn, and the soft chime of those tags dancing together on my collar gives me that certain je ne sais quoi when I make my entrance.
9.  Who you gonna call… Ghostbusters! No, Aimee Gilbreath! If you find me, just take one peek at the silver tag on my collar, and you’ll know exactly who to call.
8.  ID tags are for everyone. Some people think only us dogs need to wear tags, but don’t forget about the felines. 1 in…