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Volunteer With Animals


girl volunteer holds a cat

Volunteering to make a difference:
What are some things you’d like to accomplish in life? This may be a difficult question to answer, but trying to can lead to great things. Great things such as becoming an animal volunteer! You may come to a point in your life when you feel as though there must be a greater calling out there and just haven’t found it. This is when you can begin to explore what your true passions are in life and for many of us, animals are definitely it!

For some of us, ever since we were little, a…

Be Prepared With a Pet Emergency Kit & Microchip


persian cat in a hardhat

Since 2000, when the HSUS and FEMA signed an agreement giving pet owners the go-ahead to bring their four legged family members with them to disaster shelters, the world has been a better place.  However, not all shelters can accept pets, so be sure to do your research now to find out where you will be able to take your WHOLE family in case of an emergency.  If you are unable to locate a suitable shelter for everyone, keep in mind that there are veterinary clinics and animal shelters as alternative options for boarding your pet.
In addition to having…

2 Protect Your Pet This Flea Season!


yellow lab scratching with close up flea

Now that it’s officially Summer, the heat isn’t the only thing you need to protect your pets from. Flea and tick season has begun and we have some tips for finding the right protection at the best price.

  •  Pick a flea treatment that not only kills adult fleas, but also eggs and larvae – medications that contain S-methoprene causes fleas to lay sterile eggs by inhibiting the development of larval fleas.


  •   According to a Consumer Reports article, the patent for fipronil, one of the main active ingredients in a popular flea and tick medication, expired, creating an opportunity for

What Do HSUS and Mickey Mouse Have in Common?


HSUS animal care expo 2011

Last week, a handful of the Found Animals team traveled to sunny Florida to take part in the Animal Care Expo 2011, presented by the Humane Society of the United States.

This year’s Expo took place in Orlando, Florida at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Animal care professionals, animal volunteers, and animal welfare organizations, like us, came from all over the world to be a part of HSUS’s Expo, the largest international education conference, trade show and training conference in the fields of animal care and control, rescue, and emergency services. We found out that over 1600 animal lovers were there,…

Adopt & Shop Grand Opening


Adopt & Shop ribbon cutting

Our Adopt & Shop Grand Opening this past Saturday, April 30th, was a huge success! With 16 animals finding their forever homes on Saturday, we brought our total adoptions to date to 44! It was a busy day, with many VIP (very important people AND pets) in attendance.
Diane DuBois, the Vice Mayor of Lakewood, visited to help celebrate the opening with an official ribbon cutting ceremony, and one of our very first adoptions (Violet, an adorable little pit bull puppy) came by Adopt & Shop to say, “Hi” and show us how big she was getting!

People from the…

Nobunny Wants a Homeless Rabbit


2 fluffy bunnies

So  I’m sure you all remember from my last post, that I. Love. Bunnies. So as Easter approaches, I feel it’s my duty as a goodwill rabbit ambassador (self-given title) to shed a little sunlight onto the plight of the Easter Bunny; and to remind you that buying a rabbit just because they will look adorable hopping around your yard during an Easter egg hunt, is not a good idea.  I’m not saying that rabbits don’t make great pets- they make amazing pets! But people tend to get so caught up this time of year in that soft fur and…