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11 Why Do Animals End Up in Animal Shelters?

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Each year, between 6-8 million animals end up in animal shelters in the United States.  Ultimately, 75% of all cats and 50% of all dogs that enter those shelters are killed.  Why do they end up there?   The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) researchers went into 12 selected animal shelters in the United States and the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) published their findings for the top 10 reasons that people say that they are surrendering an animal.  Keep in mind that this is only based on those animals that were surrendered by their owner. Many…

Product Review: The FURminator


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Anyone who owns a pet should consider the purchase of a FURminator deShedding tool. It’s the first and only grooming tool that safely removes the undercoating of an animal and leaves the top coat undisturbed.  The result is a pet less likely to shed and the use of the tool can not only alleviate shedding, but help control hairballs, itching, allergies, and of course…hair on all your clothes and  furniture! I have used the same FURminator on both a Beagle and one of my newer kittens, and it removes a surprising amount of hair on both!
Using a FURminator is…

A Silent Tragedy of Suffering, Starvation and Death – Horse Neglect & Abuse


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All across America horses are suffering.  They are being abused, abandoned, starved, left to fend for themselves in the Wild, and killed. The fall of our economy has taken a lethal toll on one of our most hard-working, loyal and noble animal companions.
Whether they are pets or part of a working farm or ranch, as owners are losing businesses, property, jobs and cash, they are having a tough time supporting their horses, who often can live up to 30 years of age and need large amounts of feed, exercise, and veterinary care.  As a result, depending upon how owners…

2 I Volunteer for Niko & Ellie

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This is a blog post written by one of our amazing office volunteers, Mark A. Gonzalez.
There could be many reasons why we do and don’t decide to volunteer our time. For me, the deciding factor was finding a motive and place. It was important for me to find something that I was passionate about. It took a little bit of research and in the end I found a great way to volunteer. My story goes a little like this:
 “We lived in an apartment that wouldn’t allow pets. Once we were finally able to rent a house with a…

2 Pet Calming Techniques for the 4th of July



Independence Day is here again, bringing food, fun, and – of course – fireworks. This holiday tradition can terrify even the most patriotic pets, and many take the opportunity to celebrate their own independence… by running away! Area animal shelters see a drastic rise in pets picked up on that particular holiday, don’t let your dog or cat be one of them with these pet care tips!
This year, make your pets’ pad “the home of the brave” by readying them before the 4th.
The Pursuit of…Hiding Places?
Pets who scamper off during the holidays aren’t trying to leave you…

2 BlogPaws Pet Bloggers Conference 2012


white dog at Blog Paws 2012

For the second year in a row, Found Animals attended and sponsored the BlogPaws Conference, which took place in Salt Lake City, Utah this year.
If you’ve never heard of BlogPaws, it’s an online social media community for all pet lovers and enthusiasts. There’s an abundance of pet bloggers and BlogPaws provides the perfect gathering place for them!
This year at the 2012 BlogPaws conference hundreds of pet experts gathered to learn from each other and share their experiences in pet blogging, projects, campaigns and more. We got to hear from guest speakers like Betsy Saul, who is the Co-founder…

Pet Sitting Quick Tips

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Summer is officially here and it’s time to start thinking vacation.  Sunscreen – check, bathing suit – check, sunglasses – check, relaxing get away – check, someone to watch your beloved dog…uh oh.  Follow the simple steps below to make sure that while you are enjoying your 5-star vacation, your dog is enjoying his own 5-star staycation.

Pet Sitting Tips:

  • Give your pet sitter the name, number and address of your veterinarian.  Let your vet know that you will be out of town, for how long and who is pet sitting.
  • Create a list of any medications your pet is …
  • Shedding: A Season of Dread

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    As I walk the dimly lit hallway, I can just make out tiny black clouds swirling around my bare ankles.  I open the door and several small dervishes advance from a darkened corner.  I hear the light “tink-tink” of metal colliding like spare change and a slow ripple of air ascends, carrying on its current a dense mist of finely-barbed flotsam.   Through the dispersing miasma, a large black figure looms, slowly transforming from the horrific to the domestic.  It’s only Rex, my loyal Rottweiler/Shepherd mix.  He has just emerged from a long nap and refreshed himself by shaking every inch…

    Typhus: A Flea Borne Illness

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    We recently had an incidence of typhus here in Southern California.  Although the disease is rare, the rates are slightly higher in the Los Angeles metropolitan area than they are everywhere else.  According to media reports, the person who recently contracted it here has since recovered.  But many of us still deal with basic questions: what is typhus?  What do feral cats have to do with typhus?  How can we prevent it?

    #1: Typhus is rare, and easily treated.
    Typhus is a rare bacterial infection that is easily treated with antibiotics.  The disease is characterized by a very high fever,…

    2012 HSUS Animal Care Expo

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    Here at Found Animals we are always looking for creative new ways to help our furry friends.  We find that of the very best ways to get exposed to great ideas and fantastic programs is to get together with other folks helping pets and share knowledge and experiences. So, in late May several members of our team made the trek to Las Vegas to attend the 2012 Animal Care Expo, hosted by the Humane Society of the United States and their Animal Sheltering program.

    With over 1,800 registered attendees and an enormous Exhibit Hall it is the largest gathering of…