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National Pet Week: 10 Tips From an Adoption Counselor


National Pet Week: 10 Tips From an Adoption Counselor

It’s National Pet Week! We’d like to celebrate by bringing you 10 great pet tips to help promote happy homes for you and your pets as well as priceless information for you potential adopters!
1. Where to Find Your New Companion:
So you’re looking for a new pet to love and adore but don’t know where to start? Well the great news is there are tons of resources right at your fingertips… literally! is a great place to start! Petfinder is an online database that features over 300,000 adoptable pets from 13,686 adoption groups located across North America. You…

Lifetime Planning for Your Pets

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This guest blog is authored by Amy Shever, Executive Director at 2nd Chance 4 Pets, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping pet owners plan for the possibility their pets may outlive them.
Have you thought about what would happen to your pets if something happened to you? Did you know that more than half a million companion animals are surrendered to animal shelters each year simply because their human passed away or became too ill to care for the pet and the human had not planned for their pet’s continued care?

Although it’s not a simple task, pet…

5 Pet First Aid & CPR


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April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. This is a great opportunity for us pet owners to set aside our daily responsibilities for a moment and educate ourselves on what to do in case of emergency.
There is a wealth of information swirling around on the internet so I compiled a few handy resources just in case, heaven forbid, you find yourself in a situation where you need it.
CPR & The Heimlich Maneuver: The American Red Cross produced this great infographic that shows you how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on cats and dogs. We recommend…

7 Poison Prevention Week: Dog-and Cat-Safe Plants for Your Spring Garden



As Spring rapidly approaches, many across the country are celebrating the season by planting their gardens. Pet owners have more to consider than just what plants make their gardens (indoors or out) beautiful—they have to ensure their plants and flowers are safe for their furry family members as well. Some dogs chew on everything without discretion, and a curious kitten may think a new bouquet looks tasty, so pet parents need to choose foliage that is safe in the event Fido takes a nibble. Below is a list of some common, non-toxic, pet-safe indoor and outdoor plants and flowers (with…

4 Poison Prevention Week: Toxic Foods


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The third week of March is National Poison Prevention Week. On Tuesday we posted a guide to poisonous plants, on Wednesday we covered toxic household items and today we are going to talk about harmful foods in your kitchen. For pet owners feeding their dog or cat a raw homemade diet, there is also a safe food list at the bottom to help you choose healthy snacks!
Alcohol: Alcohol (even in small amounts) can cause depression of the central nervous system, vomiting, breathing problems, loss of coordination, difficulty standing or walking and fatigue. In higher amounts, metabolic acidosis (too much…

Poison Prevention Week: Household Items


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The third week of March is National Poison Prevention Week. Yesterday we covered popular plants poisonous to cats and dogs. Today we are going to talk about some of the common items you have around your home that are toxic to cats and dogs.
Antifreeze: This neon green liquid that helps keep your engine cool is deadly to cats and dogs, even in tiny amounts. As little as half a teaspoon can be fatal for a cat. Pets are attracted to antifreeze because of its sweet smell and taste.  Antifreeze will cause kidney failure and death if not treated immediately. …

3 Poison Prevention Week: Toxic Plants



The third week of March is National Poison Prevention Week. March is also the glorious time of year when the weather warms and your local greenhouse is packed with gardening enthusiasts picking up seeds and plants for their garden or windowsill. Unfortunately a lot of plants are toxic to our pets. The ASPCA Poison Control hotline receives approximately 150,000 calls per year from pet owners seeking help with accidental poisonings.
This week we will be posting blogs that highlight some of the more common plants, foods and household items that could poison your pet if ingested. We will also talk…

State of the Union of Pets


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As 2013 dawns there is no doubt that pets are more important than ever in our lives and in society. Having long since made the transition from working partners or outdoor companions to indoor members of the family, pets across America are now dressing better than their owners by day and stealing the covers in bed at night. The most recent census data indicates that more US households have a pet than children under 18 and the more than $50 billion a year market for pet products and services has continued growing right through the worst down economy in a…

Techniques to Calm Fireworks Phobias



It’s almost New Year’s Eve! If your dog or cat has a fear of fireworks, you’ll need to do a little special planning to keep your pet calm on the big night. Animal shelters see a drastic rise in pets picked up on any holiday celebrated with a fireworks show. Here are some tips and products to help keep your dog or cat safe and comfy.
The Fight or Flight Instinct.
If your pet has a fireworks phobia, that first pop is enough to activate their fight or flight instincts. Disoriented pets running in search of a hiding place can…

How To Keep Your Holiday Holly and Your Pet Jolly: Pet Tips & Gifts for the Holiday Season


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Think about the holidays from your pet’s perspective; bright, blinking, shiny, fuzzy, noisy, smelly things all at eye level! To them, it’s time to get those noses, mouths and tails to work! As you’re decorating and entertaining this year, keep in mind these holiday tips to keep your holiday holly and pet jolly:

  • O’ Christmas tree, O’ Christmas tree, your decorations are history – They might be if your tree and decorations are not secure. Consider anchoring your tree to an adjacent wall, make sure the base is sturdy and ornaments that are attractive or dangerous to your pets are