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9 ‘Pet Flipping’: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim


cavalier king charles spaniel tied up

If you keep up with pet news at all, you have likely heard about the crummy new trend in the animal theft underworld called ‘pet flipping.’  Pet flipping occurs when a bad guy steals a pet and then sells it to turn a quick profit.  The pet can be stolen from a backyard, or fraudulently claimed in response to a Good Samaritan’s “Found Pet” post in the newspaper or on Craigslist.
Primarily, dogs are the target of pet flippers, and the dogs stolen most often are those that look like “purebreds.”  In some cases, if the dog is not spayed…

Holistic Pet Care: Flower Essences and Canine Massage

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Adopt & Shop dog trainer uses canine massage on client

This post was co-authored by Gabi, Cat Programs Coordinator at the Cat Adoption Center, and Jessica, Pet Services and Safety Coordinator for Adopt & Shop.
Animals experience stress just like humans do. When you move to a new house, take a trip to the groomer or bring home a new pet, be sensitive to changes in your pet’s mood. Their anxiety may be obvious — they may urinate inappropriately or display aggressive behavior — or it may be more subtle.
Our pet adoption centers, Adopt & Shop, and the Cat Adoption Center, pull animals from local shelters, many of them…

10 Despicable Me: The Top 7 Ickiest Things I Have Done as a Pet Parent


2 black dogs buckled in seatbelts

Have you ever noticed how parents of human children are completely indifferent to the disgusting things they do on a daily basis?  It’s as if having a child suddenly endows one with a superhuman resistance to squeamishness.  Even some of my most refined girlfriends, upon becoming mothers, have transformed from delicate daisy to down-and-dirty.   For instance, picking a child’s nose for him.  That used to be considered appalling.  But now that it’s THEIR child’s nose that needs excavating, they dig in with alacrity!
After becoming a pet parent, I can finally sympathize.  The drive to nurture and protect your charge…

Ice Cream Treats for Cats & Dogs!


2 dogs eating a pupsicle

It’s summer and officially Ice Cream Season! Of course, you can eat ice cream all year round but, like diving into an icy swimming pool, some things just feel better after roasting in the sun.
July was designated Ice Cream Month by President Reagan in 1984. He recognized “ice cream as a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by 90 percent of the nation’s population.” He designated the third Sunday of July, National Ice Cream Day and called for all people of the United States to observe the day with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”
Chances are,  you may be…

Product Review: PetLife Organic Ecoshield for Dog & Cat


Product Review: PetLife Organics Ecoshield for Dog & Cat

I recently fostered a kitten and then fell so in love, I had to adopt him.  I was so excited because this was the first time I would have a pet I could call my very own.  I fostered him at my apartment for a few months.  Then, when he was big enough, he went to the clinic to get neutered.  So excited, I picked him up from the clinic and brought him home. On the way home, I saw a flea on him, and I remember thinking, “It’s just one flea.  No big deal.”  Boy, was I wrong!  That…

Animal Behavior Workshop & Dog Training Classes


dog trainer giving treats to black dog

On Sunday, June 23rd, the Found Animals Foundation hosted a continuing education workshop on animal behavior and safety for our current active animal volunteers.  At this fun-filled, interactive workshop, Jessica Johnson, the Found Animals Foundation’s Behavior Specialist was able to address the many safety and behavior issues that our current volunteers are faced with on a regular basis.
The workshop topics ranged from how to train basic commands such as sit, lay, stay and loose leash walking to proper restraint of a cat or dog while administering medications or trimming nails.  All those in attendance were sent home with a…

Pets Can Travel in Style… in a Backpack!


kittens sleeping in a petgear I-Go2 pet carrier

Do you travel often with your pets? If so, you know that it is not always easy. It’s more than just the lugging around of pet supplies; the pets themselves can be pretty heavy! I bring all my foster kittens into our pet-friendly office, and there was a time while using a traditional hard-sided pet carrier when I could tell they were big enough to be spayed/neutered/adopted just by the aching pain in my “pet carrier arm.” If lugging dogs or cats around is your favorite arm workout, the product I’m about to present is not for you. For those…

Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy on the 4th of July!


cat grilling chicken

The 4th of July brings to mind images of hot dogs (the edible kind), beer, BBQs, fireworks and an overall patriotic good time. But as you celebrate the 4th in style, don’t forget about taking care of your furry companions. Whether you’re hanging out at home or taking your pet along with you to the festivities, here are a few tips to keep your pet safe and happy during the holiday:

Loud noises from fireworks can turn even the most chill cat or dog into a fraidy cat or terrified terrier. In addition to just being frightened, many shelters…

2 Pet Disaster Planning: Tips to Find a Lost Pet After a Disaster Occurs


bulldog after Moore Ok tornado

The month of June is designated as National Disaster Preparedness Month.  Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, people are already experiencing the devastating effects of extreme weather and the damage it can do.
We have done blogs in the past on the importance of pet disaster planning, how to assemble a disaster prep kit for pets, and on pet first aid including CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. And of course, the importance of pet identification, especially  microchipping, is always foremost in our minds.
But distaster preparedness only takes you so far.  When nature decides to unleash its fury, situations…

7 Product Review: Roomba 650 Vaccum Cleaning Robot for Pets


Roomba path with light

*Note: This is not a sponsored review. I have not received any compensation from iRobot for promoting their product. I am just a simple pet owner who purchased a Roomba and fell in love.*
Your home: a sanctuary for you, your pets … and their hairballs, food spills, and general pet-generated gunk. Sadly, today’s pets rarely take the initiative to vacuum after they make a mess. The nerve! With furry dust-bunnies growing in the corners, what is a busy pet owner to do?
Stress no more! The future has arrived, and robot maids are now a beautiful reality. If you…