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4 A Quick Guide to Selecting a Shelter Pet

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purbred puppy next to mix breed puppy

This blog was authored by one of our volunteers, Miguel A.
When it comes to adopting a new pet, what is the first criteria that comes to mind?  If you answered, “well, breed, of course!”, you are definitely not alone.  People tend to gravitate toward the breeds they think are cute:  pugs, corgis, french bulldogs or perhaps something larger that makes more of a statement like a pit bull, great dane or rottweiler.
However, when it comes to adopting or rescuing a pet, breed is not the best place to start.  Even though 25% of animals in animal shelters are…

10 Onward & Upward: Simple Ways to help Shelter Pets in 2014


brown and white dog with rawhide bone

Have you started setting your lofty goals for 2014 yet? Here are 10 simple ways you can help shelter animals in the coming year.
1. Donate Your Unwanted Towels: Old or new, animals don’t care.  Shelters use towels for cleaning, cozying up a pet’s kennel and even taming semi-feral kittens!  If you received a fresh set this December, consider donating your old towels to your local shelter.
2. Likewise with Old Blankets: Shelters are always in need of blankets. You can donate your used blankets or make new fleece blankets for a fun project like the industrious little ladies of…

3 How Pet Store Bans Affect Puppy Mills


How Pet Store Bans Affect Puppy Mills

This has been an exciting year in Los Angeles as the pet store ban that was passed in October of 2012 finally went into effect after a six month waiting period.
The new law makes it illegal for pet shops and other retail businesses to sell dogs, cats and rabbits unless those animals are obtained from an animal shelter, animal-control agency, humane society or a 501(c)(3) rescue organization.
Since an estimated 99% of pet stores obtain their puppies from puppy mills, this law is a big success because it drastically reduces the supply and demand for commercially bred animals. Los…

5 NKLA Pet Adoption Center Opens In West Los Angeles


NKLA Pet Adoption Center

On August 1st,  NKLA, a Best Friends Animal Society initiative comprised of over 60 local nonprofits, opened their first Pet Adoption Center in West Los Angeles, CA.

A few of us Found Animals staffers attended their soft-opening, took a tour of their beautiful new space and got to hang out with some of the adorable dogs and cats awaiting adoption.
The adoption center is spectacular.  An 11,000 square foot, Cape Cod-style facility with lots of amenities:  brightly lit with skylights, soundproof kennels, a grooming and picture taking area, meet and greet rooms, a cozy community cat room and a large…

3 How Pet Programs in Assisted Living Facilities Can Help Animals in Shelters



August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day, a day designated to honor our elders, and of course, we at Found Animals extend our love to senior cats and dogs as well. The day reminds us to call our older family members to show our appreciation, to volunteer to help an elderly neighbor, and to soak up the reservoir of wisdom accumulated from years of experience from generations before us.
The day also reminds us that shelters have many senior animals who need homes. Older cats and dogs in shelters have a much smaller chance of getting out alive compared to…

Adopt & Shop Mission Viejo Grand Opening Wrap Up


vegan cake

Yesterday Found Animals celebrated another amazing milestone–the opening of our second Adopt & Shop location, this one in The Shops at Mission Viejo! We were privileged to have the Mayor of Mission Viejo, Rhonda Reardon, and members of the City of Mission Viejo government and Chamber of Commerce on hand to honor the occasion with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony.
We commemorated the day with games, giveaways, discounts and of course a delicious vegan cake and refreshments for all who attended.
A special “Thank You” to the City of Mission Viejo Mayor Rhonda Reardon, President-Elect of the Mission Viejo Chamber of…

Bringing Shelter Pets to the People in Mission Viejo!


2 puppies in a window

Generations of children have gone googly-eyed for a puppy in the window at the mall pet store, often without realizing that the puppy was likely raised in less than humane conditions to be sold for an exorbitant price while equally adorable shelter pets were being euthanized across town.
The idea of adopting pets at retail locations has been around for quite a while, and dedicated retail adoption centers take things to the next step. It’s the perfect solution to the dilemma, you take the shelter pets to the people in a busy retail setting and capitalize on the fact that…

National Pet Week: 10 Tips From an Adoption Counselor


National Pet Week: 10 Tips From an Adoption Counselor

It’s National Pet Week! We’d like to celebrate by bringing you 10 great pet tips to help promote happy homes for you and your pets as well as priceless information for you potential adopters!
1. Where to Find Your New Companion:
So you’re looking for a new pet to love and adore but don’t know where to start? Well the great news is there are tons of resources right at your fingertips… literally! is a great place to start! Petfinder is an online database that features over 300,000 adoptable pets from 13,686 adoption groups located across North America. You…

Happy Birthday Adopt & Shop!


couple with 3 adopted dogs

Adopt & Shop Lakewood turns two years old today and we want to wish them a very happy birthday! Since opening their doors in April 2011, Adopt & Shop has placed more than 1,500 shelter pets into loving homes.
We’d like to thank the staff and volunteers for providing excellent care for the animals and to all the adopters out there, THANK YOU for saving lives by adopting instead of shopping, Adopt & Shop could not do what they do without you!
This year, we are excited to announce the opening of two more Adopt & Shop locations! In mid-May…

3 South LA Animal Shelter is Open for Business!



An endeavor 10 years in the making, the brand new South Los Angeles animal shelter has at last opened its doors!
The goal was to build a better animal shelter. One that was inviting to the public, with the comfort of the animals as a top priority.  The new state-of-the-art facility achieves just that while incorporating green technologies that help it run efficiently.
Mayor Villaraigosa, Councilmember Bernard C. Parks and Los Angeles Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette all gathered Thursday morning to dedicate the new building and to thank those who helped make the dream a reality.
Visit Spay4la‘s…