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4 Product Review: Green Interactive Dog Feeder


english springer spaniel eating from a green interactive dog feeder

Remember when your parents told you to slow down and completely chew your food?  They weren’t saying this just to annoy you.  Eating slowly helps prevent choking, aids in digestion and fills you up faster.  It’s good advice for kids and dogs.
For a dog, gulping down food can result in indigestion and vomiting. Sometimes, a life threatening condition called bloat can occur. It can happen to any dog but is reported more often in larger, barrel-chested breeds. Canine bloat or twisted stomach occurs when a dog eats too quickly and gulps down a lot of air. The air turns…

2 A Bona Fide Good Dog: The AKC’S Canine Good Citizen Award


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In the late 1980’s, the American Kennel Club set out to create a program that could standardize the concept of what makes a “good dog.” They researched the most commonly desired behaviors for dogs and in 1989, launched the Canine Good Citizen Award. Thirty years later, the CGC test is available in nearly every city in the United States.
The CGC is a standardized test of 10 items that measure and reward dogs that demonstrate polite manners in the home and in the community. The program also stresses responsible ownership. Dogs of any age, size, breed and energy level can…

10 Things to do for Your Newly Adopted Dog



Congratulations if you are one the many families who decided to bring home a new dog over the Holidays! If you are still looking for your perfect pet, dogs can be a wonderful addition to any family. In an effort to keep your new companion happy in your home forever, here are a list of 10 things every dog owner or potential dog owner should know.
1. Think About Important Characteristics in Your Ideal Dog: Try not to focus primarily on looks. Think about size and energy level first. Do you want an active dog that can accompany you on…

20 Housebreaking 102: The Buddy System


phoenix header

This guest blog was written by one of our volunteers, Brittany.
Phoenix is a two-year-old Pomeranian that I adopted after seeing an ad on a local website. He was the product of an unplanned litter and he is definitely the most loving dog I have ever encountered.  He loves taking walks, hiking, and playing fetch.
Phoenix came into my life with a couple of “behavior” problems.  First, he wasn’t house trained. Second, he had severe separation anxiety. These two problems are amongst some of the most significant reasons why owners give up their dogs. I’ll get to his separation anxiety…

Canine Diabetes

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Diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined in human beings. But have you ever thought about diabetes in dogs?
While many aspects of Diabetes remain unclear, much of the information about how the disease affects humans is applicable to dogs as well. Unfortunately, the disease is similarly prevalent in our canine companions.
Like humans, dogs can be affected by either type I or type II Diabetes. Type I Diabetes also known as Canine Diabetes Mellitus, is the most common form of the disease. Canine Diabetes Mellitus will require your dog to have insulin shots to…

105 You Are What You Eat, and So Is Your Dog


chihuahua and tabby cat eat food from the same bowl

I wouldn’t call myself a health nut, but I do believe in eating whole foods that retain their nutritional value and are not processed.  I am definitely not militant about this, but I try not to eat foods with preservatives or pre-made/pre-packaged foods.  I really believe that what we eat affects not just our outward appearance, but also our inner health and well being.  I have extended these beliefs to my dog’s nutrition as well, and have been preparing his food from scratch since he was about 12 weeks old. I’d like to share my recipe with you. If you…

3 Pregúntale a Pierre (aka Ask Pierre)


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The French bulldog with a curious Mexican flair dispels the myths
Bonjour amigos! I hope you’ve been well.  In case you missed it, my last post in the “Preguntale a Pierre” series revealed that I am a dog living with epilepsy.  With all the anti-seizure medication I’ve had to take this year, my condition has been hitting hard on my physique.
So I’ll just come out and say it: Estoy muy gordo.  Before I started taking medication, I was a solid 36 lb. Now I weigh a whopping 43 (!) pounds. But even though I’ve only packed on about 7…

15 Six Tips for Safer, Happier Dog Walking

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3 dogs ready to go for a walk

This Guest Post was written by Jessica Dolce, an animal welfare advocate. She’s spent the past ten years walking dogs and working with shelter dogs in Philadelphia and Maine. Jessica blogs at and can be found cheering people on over at the DINOS: Dogs in Need of Space Facebook page.
As a professional dog walker, I can’t say enough good things about walking your dog. It strengthens your bond, allows your dog’s world to expand (so much to sniff and pee on!) and provides both of you with exercise and fresh air. In honor of National Walk Your Dog…

5 What Does Responsible Dog Ownership Mean to You?


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This September, cities all over the country are hosting their own Responsible Dog Ownership Day festivities.
Is there a dog in your family? If so, what does responsible dog ownership mean to you?
Responsible dog ownership can mean a lot of different things to different people. It all starts when you decide to adopt a dog. Will it be a big dog or a small dog? Male or female? Energetic or laid-back? Does it get along well with other pets in your family and will your other pets be okay with the new addition? These questions are just the beginning…

12 Deaf Pet Awareness: Inspired by Nitro

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a group of boxer mixes sitting on the grass

We are excited to share a Guest Blog written By Chris Lee with Photos By Christina Lee from Deaf Dogs Rock for Deaf Pet Awareness week 2012.
Life takes wonderful and amazing turns. Just a year and half ago my wife Christina and I were like a majority of the population in that we really didn’t think about deaf dogs. It was not a positive or negative thing, just a simple lack of awareness. Then EVERYTHING changed when we adopted an 8 week old deaf boxer pup named Nitro from our local animal shelter.
Fast forward to the present and…