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21 Breaking Bad Habits: Leash Pulling



This is the second blog in a series of four that we will be posting each week in January for Train Your Dog Month.  In case you missed it, be sure to check out the first blog, Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs.  Read through to see what other behaviors Adopt & Shop trainer and pet safety coordinator Jessica J. will be covering this month!
There are many reasons why dogs pull on leashes, with the biggest reason being that they are simply excited!  Dogs need to get out of the house on a regular basis in order to get exercise…

7 Buckle Up for Safety – Safety Belts for Dogs


2 dogs wearing safety belts

What’s the first thing you do when you get into your car?  If you are obeying the law, it’s securing your seatbelt around you.  If you have children, the first thing you do when placing them in the car is securing their car seat, or making sure they are buckled securely.  That’s why I don’t understand why more people don’t do the same for their four-legged kids.  I predict that within 5-10 years there will be laws in place about securing your dog in the car, but if doing so can keep you and your dog safer, why wait?

103 Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs


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This is the first blog in a series of four that we will be posting each week in January for Train Your Dog Month.  Read through to see what other behaviors Adopt & Shop trainer and pet safety coordinator Jessica J. will be covering!
No dog is born perfect, and they certainly do not arrive in our homes naturally knowing how to co-exist with us in a human world. Therefore, as pet parents, it is up to us to teach our dogs what is expected of them and to guide them into making good choices.

When I first adopted my…

9 Just Food For Dogs: The Future of Feeding Fido


just food for dogs ingredients and supplements

Before the days of processed dry kibble and canned pet food, dogs were fed mostly table scraps.  After the Great Depression, food rationing meant less table scraps for Fido to eat, and without any government regulations in place for what ingredients pet food manufacturers could use, the pet food industry boomed.  Pet food manufacturers were able to inexpensively purchase waste from the human food industry that would otherwise be discarded and rendered it into convenient, easy to serve and inexpensive kibble diets.
But is processed pet food really worth the (cheap) price? Without government regulation and very loose manufacturing standards…

4 BAD EATS: Holiday Pet Food Safety Tips


BAD EATS: Holiday Pet Food Safety Tips

With the holidays come holiday dinners, which can spell disaster for your pet if they ingest something that can be toxic or harmful to them.
For dogs, rich, fatty foods, such as scraps of fat from the Thanksgiving turkey, gravy or grease, can cause a sudden onset of pancreatitis, which occurs when the pancreas floods the body with digestive enzymes that begin to inflame and deteriorate surrounding organs.  This can result in pain, vomiting, and dehydration, which can be fatal if not treated immediately.  Often hospitalization is required for treatment.  A dog who is suffering from pancreatitis may adopt a…

19 Quick Guide to Senior Dog Lumps and Bumps


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As a dog ages, they often develop spongy lumps, called lipomas, on their bodies.  These lumps are usually fatty tumors and no reason to worry.  If the lump in question is soft and round with well defined edges, this is a good indication that the lump is not cancerous.  If the lump has a little wiggle room, meaning it doesn’t feel tightly attached to your dog’s skin, this is another indication that the lump is benign. Lipomas can occur anywhere on a dog’s body but are commonly found on the trunk.
It’s a very good idea to monitor lumps, even…

Meatless Monday: A Vegan Recipe for Dogs



There are a lot of different options when it comes to feeding your dog.  You can choose from hundreds of commercially prepared dry and wet foods, purchase specially prepared raw food in small batches or even prepare meals yourself at home.   Some dog owners feed their dogs a vegan diet (usually because they are vegan themselves.)  We don’t have any vegan dogs at the office but we wanted to provide a good recipe because Snickers’ homemade dog food blog has gotten so much positive feedback (thanks readers!)
As luck would have it, I was contacted by a woman a few…

Take an RV Vacation with Your Dog

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This Guest Post is authored by Joe Laing, Marketing Director for El Monte, RV.
Thinking about a weekend getaway for upcoming Labor Day? How about an RV adventure with your dog?
Bringing your pet along with you on a vacation is a great experience. Sharing your adventures with your special family member is something that makes a getaway more than just a road trip. It helps make memories and bond the family closer. Add in the excitement of traveling in an RV and you really have a vacation to look forward to!
More than half of those who travel in…

5 6 Hot Weather Safety Tips for Dog Owners


2 french bulldogs in the grass

Certain parts of the United States are experiencing massive heat waves this summer with temperatures soaring well into the triple digits. We put together a list of the top 6 things dog owners should know about hot weather safety.
1. How Dogs Handle Heat. Dogs do sweat but not the same way we do. The main way they cool themselves is by panting. Heat dissipates through the tongue and paw pads and the evaporation helps them maintain a healthy body temperature. Their cooling system is not nearly as sophisticated as ours, which is why special care must be taken to…

Product Review: Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Chews for Dogs


Product Review: Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Chews for Dogs

Pet Naturals of Vermont has a line of calming treats available for dogs, cats and rabbits. With the 4th of July coming up quickly, I started researching over-the-counter calming aids that could help dogs with fireworks phobias. While I didn’t find any magic bullet, I did find that P.N.O.V. Calming chews are helpful for mild environmental stress.
Your dog reacts to environmental stress with nervousness and anxiety. Anxiety can manifest in unwanted behavior like indoor marking, excessive barking, shaking, shivering and hyperactivity. Just like in people, prolonged periods of stress can affect health and behavior.
Pet Naturals Calming chews are…