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Planning a Perfect Day at the (Dog) Beach


2 dogs playing at the beach

Even though it’s only May, many cities are already experiencing Hades-like heat (here in Los Angeles, the thermometer started hitting triple digits weeks ago.)
Between alternately crying into our ice cream sundaes and scuttling indoors to air-conditioning, we hit the dog beach!

Last year I made a map of dog-friendly beaches in the United States and encouraged readers to comment with beaches they frequent in their hometowns. Many of you responded and we were able to double the number of beaches on the map! I encourage you all to do the same this year, so we can make our map…

4 Happy National Specially-Abled Pets Day!


max the spaniel chasing leaves

This blog was co-authored by Annie M. and Estelle W.
National Specially-Abled Pets day is observed every year on May 3rd and was founded in 2006 by Animal Behaviorist and Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige. The goal of this holiday is to celebrate the animals who amaze us with how they cope with challenges brought on by birth flaws, disease or injuries. National Specially-Abled Pets Day also encourages potential adopters to consider adopting a special needs pet.
If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that people are really inspired by these animals! Watching them flourish in the face of…

Product Review: Eco Dog Toys


shepherd mix with Furchun toy

To help kick off the opening of Michelson Found Animal’s new e-commerce site,, I was asked to review a few items carried in our online store.  Assisting me in this task were some of the most discriminating critics I know – my lab, Scout; my lab, Boo Boo; and my parents’ Border Collie mix, Bonnie.  These three fun-loving ladies were more than eager to get their paws on some new swag for the cause.
The first item I introduced to Scout and Boo Boo was the Bumi.  It retails at $15.99 for large and $12.99 for small.
Here is…

12 Breaking Bad Habits: Predatory Chase Drive (AKA Prey Drive)


2 dogs chasing a squirrel

This is the fifth blog in our dog training series written by Adopt & Shop trainer and pet safety coordinator Jessica J.  In case you missed them, be sure to check out the first blog, Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs, the second blog on how to curb leash pulling, the third blog on how to stop your dog from jumping up, and the fourth blog, solving the problem of excessive barking.

I am the proud owner of an Alaskan Malamute mix named Cindy.  If you ask anyone who has ever owned a Malamute or read a book about the breed,…

Product Review: Red Dingo Collars and Leashes

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Red Dingo Reflective Dog Leash

If you are looking for a great collar and leash set, perhaps for your dog or to give as a gift, check out these awesome offerings from Red Dingo!
We have a great assortment of Red Dingo collars and leashes and ID tags available in our new online shop.  A portion of sales from every purchase goes back to programs that support shelter pets, so you can help pets while picking up high-quality care items for your own pet!
Every Red Dingo collar and leash is made from high quality, durable nylon and designed to last a long time.  We…

Battling Food Allergies with My Canine Companion



Back in 2008 when I first met my pet daughter “Bella,” a Pomeranian, I realized we shared a few things in common. We both have food allergies to certain proteins, like beef and lamb, and we both have very sensitive stomachs. She was not in great shape when I rescued her. During her first vet visit, our vet determined she was 11-months-old, had poor coat quality, major allergies, and was malnourished from the litter she’d just had less than a month prior. Below you can see the picture I took when we first met.
I started feeding her a lamb…

3 Simple Steps to Prevent Your Dog From Running Away

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This guest post is authored by Adam Holmes, a writer for wireless fence provider, Havahart Wireless and a lifelong lover of dogs. After his dog ran away when he was a kid, he swore to never lose another one. He now keeps his dogs safe and secure at home and has recently enrolled them in Canine Good Citizen training.  
Most people at some point in their lives have experienced the woes of having their dog run away. It’s one of the most heart-breaking moments in a dog owner’s life, and unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence.

Many runaway dogs…

4 Dog Treats: Made in the USA


westie giving paws

By now, you may have read about numerous cases of dogs falling ill to food products manufactured in China, particularly chicken jerky.  The FDA has not yet identified the specific ingredients responsible for causing illness, but in the meantime, using caution and buying smart have proven to be the best ways in preventing accidental harm to your furry loved ones.  Start by looking for treats with “Made in the USA” displayed proudly on the package.  In order to bear that label, the Federal Trade Commission requires the use of all American-made products, from ingredients to packaging to production site.  Also…

2 Breaking Bad Habits: Excessive Barking


white dog barking

This is the fourth blog in a series that we have posted each week in January for Train Your Dog Month.  In case you missed it, be sure to check out the first blog, Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs, the second blog on how to curb leash pulling, and the third blog on how to stop your dog from jumping up.

Working as the trainer for Adopt & Shop, I am no stranger to barking dogs.  I work around dogs barking in the shop throughout the day, then I come home to my own dogs barking when I get home. …

2 Breaking Bad Habits: Jumping


dog jumping on little girl

This is the third blog in a series of four that we will be posting each week in January for Train Your Dog Month.  In case you missed it, be sure to check out the first blog, Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs, and the second blog on how to curb leash pulling.  Read through to see what other behaviors Adopt & Shop trainer and pet safety coordinator, Jessica J., will be covering this month!
Why do dogs jump? In short, a jumping dog is a dog who is looking for attention, and it doesn’t matter whether that attention is positive…