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Stinky Sweet St. Louise


white and brown english bulldog

I live with three other girls in a charming, small house located in the lovely South bay area of Los Angeles. I truly adore my roommates with the exception of one: Lulu. Lulu doesn’t pay rent, she leaves her things scattered about the house, she is entirely too clingy (just give me some space, Lulu!), she leaves her little hairs all over our beautiful hardwood floors, and she smells! Did I mention Lulu is an English Bulldog? Short for St. Louise, Lulu is my roommate Crystal’s dog.

I love dogs, pups, pooches, canines, and little buddies of all kinds, but…

3 Taking a Blind (and Deaf) Leap of Faith…



This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Thank you for saving a life & sharing your story with us! If you’d like to be a guest blogger on The Water Bowl, share your animal adoption story with us!
In August 2009, on old friend had posted that due to economic reasons she needed to re-home two of her Australian Shepherds (both are homozygous, double-merle, lethal whites): Lindsey and Honey. A few weeks later, as we were heading out to Las Vegas, NV, from Cerritos, CA (where I’m at), via Bullhead City, AZ (where she…

A Big-Hearted Bully with Telepathic Abilities


red pitbull plays with girl wearig cutoffs

From Telepathic Communication With Animals By Nedda Wittels
“Today can be your moment to awaken to the idea that the animals who live with you are more than child substitutes, more than “pets” kept for our amusement or our personal companionship. All animals are, in fact, sentient beings – conscious and intelligent, with life purposes and goals. They are aware of themselves and of their situations. They are capable of feeling the entire range of emotions we so arrogantly have labeled “human.” They make life choices. They often express unconditional love for the humans who are part of their…

8 The Saga of Getting a Shy Dog to Earn His Canine Good Citizen

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harry header

At my new job with Found Animals, I am allowed to bring my dog, Harry, to work with me. This makes me very happy. Harry does not share this sentiment. Harry is afraid of people. And worse than people are children. Walking by an elementary school will have Harry pulling on his leash away from the school, opting for oncoming traffic over the joyful squeals of the playground. Fortunately, once Harry gets to know someone, he sincerely digs them. But it often takes several meetings, and some confirmation that the person he meets means well and is God-willing, not a…

A Bear Called Brody


brown pitbull riding in the car looking out the window

This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. If you’d like to be a guest blogger on The Water Bowl, share your animal adoption story with us!
We fell in love with big headed bear! His name is Brody and everybody else loves him too…
Last November, volunteers at the Downey Animal Shelter posted pictures of Brody online with a young girl hugging him.  He was skin and bones with a gigantic head. After seeing that picture, we headed straight to the Downey Animal Shelter, we knew it was a high kill shelter and had…

Puppies & Poetry


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Today is National Puppy Day! Puppies are, in my opinion, the cutest creatures on the planet (baby sloths come in close second). They need to be so unbelievably cute to survive and often times that’s not enough. A puppy is full of that normal dog behavior we often confuse for bad dog behavior. Chewing, digging, barking and running around like a radical are all normal things puppies do. If puppies looked like guinea hens, we may not have so much patience (especially during the housebreaking process).
Every puppy grows up and grows old. Though it is difficult for anybody to…

8 Garvey’s Dog Adoption Story

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lab mix holding slipper

This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Share your pet adoption story.
Five-and-a-half years later, I’m still ashamed to admit it. After bonding with a gorgeous, fun-loving Lab Pointer mix puppy at a shelter, I left her there.
I had recently moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles and was longing for a dog. It felt like the perfect time in my life, as I was working from home. For three months I visited city animal shelters and rescue groups and read books on how to raise a dog. Though I researched different…

7 Snickers Adoption Story


puppy wearing a cone napping

I’ve always been afraid of dogs ( if I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve always been afraid of all animals) but then life has a funny way of working out and I started working at Found Animals Foundation.  Now I have a sweet little puppy whom I adopted from the North Central Shelter on our annual Adopt-a-Thon day.
It all started with an email from a co-worker about a little puppy that just needed to be fostered until his broken foot healed…
I don’t know what it was about that little face, but I immediately knew that I was going to…

2.9.12 UPDATE : Adoptable Dog Hank Needs a Village


hank header

2.9.12 UPDATE! Hank was adopted by these two Lovely Ladies! Thanks for giving this big lug a second chance  and Congratulations Hank, you’re a lucky boy!

Hank is a very special dog, where do I begin? Sometimes our name can be a little confusing. Found Animals is not an animal shelter. We pull cats and dogs from one very large shelter to stock our two adoption centers, but we don’t pull from other shelters and we don’t/can’t take in owner surrenders or strays. We partner with the LA city and county shelters and try to help them decrease the number…

A Dog Named Bear


shepherd mix

This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Share your pet adoption story.
For years my doctor has been telling me that I need to walk daily to lower my blood pressure and lose weight. No matter how many promises I made to myself I could not bring my feet to the sidewalk (or the treadmill) on a regular basis. I’m a self-employed single mother with two teens and did not think that my life had any room in it for anything or anyone else. So when my daughter, Hannah, who was 11 years old…