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10 Things to do for Your Newly Adopted Dog



Congratulations if you are one the many families who decided to bring home a new dog over the Holidays! If you are still looking for your perfect pet, dogs can be a wonderful addition to any family. In an effort to keep your new companion happy in your home forever, here are a list of 10 things every dog owner or potential dog owner should know.
1. Think About Important Characteristics in Your Ideal Dog: Try not to focus primarily on looks. Think about size and energy level first. Do you want an active dog that can accompany you on…

5 Puppy Mill Awareness


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Dog breeders that run puppy mills care primarily about making a profit. Their focus is on maximizing the number of puppies they can sell. The health and welfare of the puppies and the mothers producing them is of secondary concern.
This situation is not an isolated occurrence, but one that has been business as usual throughout the United States for decades. Finally, the efforts of many animal welfare organizations to raise awareness have begun to bear fruit and an increasing number of Americans now know about the problems endemic to puppy mills.
The Internet has been an extraordinary boon for…

5 What Does Responsible Dog Ownership Mean to You?


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This September, cities all over the country are hosting their own Responsible Dog Ownership Day festivities.
Is there a dog in your family? If so, what does responsible dog ownership mean to you?
Responsible dog ownership can mean a lot of different things to different people. It all starts when you decide to adopt a dog. Will it be a big dog or a small dog? Male or female? Energetic or laid-back? Does it get along well with other pets in your family and will your other pets be okay with the new addition? These questions are just the beginning…

12 Deaf Pet Awareness: Inspired by Nitro

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a group of boxer mixes sitting on the grass

We are excited to share a Guest Blog written By Chris Lee with Photos By Christina Lee from Deaf Dogs Rock for Deaf Pet Awareness week 2012.
Life takes wonderful and amazing turns. Just a year and half ago my wife Christina and I were like a majority of the population in that we really didn’t think about deaf dogs. It was not a positive or negative thing, just a simple lack of awareness. Then EVERYTHING changed when we adopted an 8 week old deaf boxer pup named Nitro from our local animal shelter.
Fast forward to the present and…

24 Down with “Black Dog Syndrome”! Get Ready for Black Dog Appreciation Day



Everyone is familiar with the old superstition associated with black cats: a black cat can bring bad luck to the person who sees it, especially if said cat’s path crosses with theirs.  Silly, right?  Well, did you know there were similar superstitions associated with black dogs?
In folklore from the British Isles, a “black dog” was the name given to a devilish nocturnal apparition whose appearance portended death.  Remember the Sherlock Holmes adventure, “The Hound of the Baskervilles”?  Although in the story the ghostly “hellhound” that stalked the Baskervilles turned out to be a regular, flesh and bone dog, to…

4 Return to Shelter – Chewie’s Story



Hi! My name is Chewie, and I would like to share how I came to find my forever home.
Last year, I was adopted by a family from the Adopt & Shop, who I lived with for only a few months. Sadly, they had to send me back but they said it would only be temporary. They promised to find me a good foster family until they could come get me again. So, off I went back to the Adopt and Shop. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be back on display to show off my cuteness. Instead,…

26 How Old is that Dog in the Window?


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If you have decided to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or rescue GOOD FOR YOU! If you have already adopted or acquired your dog as a stray or from a friend THAT’S GREAT TOO!
Chances are, you know approximately your adopted dogs age based on what you were told when you got him, but it is often difficult for even a veterinarian to tell the exact age of your pup. We can make an educated guess based on a few factors like teeth and fur color. You know your dog better than anyone. Learn the canine signs of…

Happy Dogust 2012


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It’s that time of year again! As you may or may not know, Dogust The First is a special holiday designated by the North Shore Animal League in 2008 as the universal birthday for shelter and rescue dogs with unknown dates of birth. Last Dogust we celebrated my friend’s new adopted dog Curtis’s birthday with homemade carrot cake. This year, our new Michelson Prize & Grants coordinator, Becky is in the process of adopting a dog, and she just so happens to be bringing him home on August 1st, so his “birthday” and gotcha day will be super easy to…

Happy Mutt’s Day!


dachsund mix

We don’t need to tell you how much we LOVE mutts!  With 25% of the dogs in animal shelters being purebred these days, we still get many, many amazing mutts coming through the Adopt & Shop doors, on their journey from animal shelter to new home. We would like to highlight our very favorite mutts on this Mutt’s Day. Today is a day where we celebrate their uniqueness and we thank the adopters who also saw how special and one of a kind they are.
Butterball! We were not surprised this little Dachshund mix didn’t last the weekend before being…

2 What Am I? DNA Testing for Mixed Breed Dogs

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“He is SO adorable!” you say to your husband as you pick up the scruffy little terrier mix you’ve been playing with in the “meet and greet” area at your local animal shelter, “and smart, too.” you say. You’ve come to add a furry member to your family, and judging by the agreement you see in your husband’s eyes, you think you’ve found just the right one.
“What breed do you suppose he is?” your other half queries.
“I don’t know.” You say as you hand the sweet little guy over to your honey. “It doesn’t matter.”
You might be…