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6 How To Integrate An Office Cat



Since the very beginning, the Found Animals Foundation welcomed people and dogs of every race, breed, and color. We’ve had big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, skinny dogs, pure-bred dogs, and very-mixed dogs. However, we have yet to employ any felines. Sure, we have had the occasional cat intern (aka foster kittens), but no feline has ever filled a full-time position in our office.
In came Max:

Max is a 7-year-old Domestic Shorthair that joined our team this month. The Found Animals staff was incredibly excited to meet him and have affectionately dubbed him “Office Max.”
Max’s resume listed that…

3 The Adventures (or Mis-Adventures) of Bo the Cat!

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cat sitting with cast on

For the last month and a half I have been fostering a cat, a 2-year-old grey and white tabby named Bo.  Who would foster a 2-year-old cat you might ask?  Well, Bo is a special little man as he was found at The Cat Adoption Center (CAC) steps with a badly broken leg and tail.
It was your average Sunday morning and Eziel, an animal care attendant at the CAC was unlocking the doors to the trailers to let the animal volunteers in.  When she approached the office trailer she noticed an adult cat lying peacefully and happily in a…

12 Cat Chat: Ears and Whiskers


maine coon cat being held

Picking up where we left off in the first Cat Chat blog, the second most expressive feature (above the shoulders) that serve as a good guide to your cat’s behavior are their ears. The ears work with the whiskers – ears for sound and whiskers for space and touch. There are over 20 muscles in each ear. All these muscles enable your cat’s ears to swivel independently to pick up little sounds here and there – satellite dish style. The ears can flatten completely against the head for protection if necessary, and while the main function of the ears is…

12 Cat Chat: All About the Eyes


tabby cat with green eyes

At the tender age of 31, I got my first cat. I adopted her to keep my dog company; he had terrible separation anxiety.  A year later, I adopted a second cat as a companion for my first cat.  I fostered a litter of kittens that spring and saw how much happier and active my cat was with other cat company. I kept one of the kittens and Valerie treated him like her baby, pinning him down to give him baths and stepping out of the way when he wanted to eat her food.
We are a now a ragtag…

4 DIY Cat Toys


cat with toolbox

Earlier this week we posted a blog titled “The Indoor Cat Outdoor Cat Debate” written by our # 1 caretaker and adoption counselor at the Cat Adoption Center. It has lot’s of interesting information as well as tips on how to keep your indoor cat trim and happy. Being the artsy crafty type, I’m going to expand on the different types of toys, and share how you can save money by making your own cat toys.
I didn’t know very much about cats when I got my first kitten. What they like to do for “fun” is much different than…

The Indoor Cat Outdoor Cat Debate

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if i'm outsides i'm lost cat tag

It’s a debate as old as “What’s for Dinner”?  Should you let your cat go outdoors?  There are those pet owners that firmly believe in letting a cat fully experience its’ natural born behaviors such as climbing a tree, or chasing after birds. Opinions on this matter vary, but often include the notion that it is highly unfair to keep such a curious and free spirited cat confined only to the indoors. Then there are those pet owners who are fiercely adamant about keeping their cat indoor only.  There are good arguments for both sides, but after having worked in…

2 Cats are Better in Pairs



I adopted my first kitten as a companion for my dog, who was suffering from separation anxiety.  The woman I adopted her from told me she was a “bottle baby,” which meant she didn’t have a mother and was raised on formula from a bottle by a kitten foster volunteer.

At that time, I didn’t know much about cat behavior and the words “bite inhibition” didn’t mean anything to me. I nicknamed my kitten Ms. Bitey because from the day I brought her home, all she wanted to do was bite and she would bite hard! I had a puppy…

Top 5 Things to Know Before You Adopt a Cat


2 orange tabby kittens

Since it’s the Cat Days of Summer, I thought I would do some research and come up with the top 5 things kids should know about cats before adopting a cat. Summer is considered kitten season so there are many cats and kittens waiting in shelters for someone to give them their forever home.

 I believe these are the top 5 things you should think about before adopting a cat:
1. It’s very important to spay or neuter your cat, if they aren’t already. Cats already have a more difficult time than dogs getting adopted so you should do everything…

3 5 Things to Do When You Adopt a New Cat

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tabby kitten with ice cream cone

1.       Be Ready for Anything!
When adopting a new cat or kitten, you will most likely have a nervous kitty who needs some time to adjust to their new environment.  This could exhibit itself in the form of hiding under couches, in the closet, or under the bed.  It could also manifest itself into a kitten who is too anxious to sleep at night.  The best thing you can do is have patience and a plan, and in time kitty will have adjusted fully to its new forever home.
2.       Buy a Scratching Post.
If you haven’t already done so,…