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Feline Obesity: Is My Cat Overweight?

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Most of us have heard about the obesity epidemic in America, but did you know it’s not just people who are gaining an alarming amount of weight?  Recent studies show that between 40 – 50% of pet cats are overweight.  Just looking around at your cat and at your neighbor’s cats, you might come to believe the percentage is much higher than that.  Think of this, if your cat is “only” 3 pounds overweight, that would be like if you were 30 pounds overweight! Notice, there is no “only” before the 30 pounds, and the same is true of a…

16 Cat Training 101: Basic Tips & Tricks


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This blog was co authored by Deva Content & Jennifer Sorensen
Jennifer’s friend just decided to adopt a puppy. When she went to meet the new dog, her friend lamented, “I just can’t decide which doggy kindergarten to send him to. Do you know of any of these?” and then splayed out three different brochures, all given to her by the adoption counselor.
That made us wonder, why didn’t we receive any information on “kitty-garten” when adopting our cats? The short answer, of course, is that there are very few people who make their living by training adult cats and…

77 Cat Chat: How Old is My Cat?


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It can be difficult to tell how old your cat is if you haven’t had him since birth.  I adopted a cat and was told he was 3 years old, but after spending about a year with him, I think he was closer to 8 years old.  His age was not a determining factor in his adoption luckily! It is helpful to know roughly how old your kitty is so you can provide better age appropriate care. Your veterinarian can approximate your cat’s age based on tests of his blood and organs, but here is a little guide for the…

2 Pet Calming Techniques for the 4th of July



Independence Day is here again, bringing food, fun, and – of course – fireworks. This holiday tradition can terrify even the most patriotic pets, and many take the opportunity to celebrate their own independence… by running away! Area animal shelters see a drastic rise in pets picked up on that particular holiday, don’t let your dog or cat be one of them with these pet care tips!
This year, make your pets’ pad “the home of the brave” by readying them before the 4th.
The Pursuit of…Hiding Places?
Pets who scamper off during the holidays aren’t trying to leave you…

3 Flea Treatments for Cats

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If you care about your kitty, and I’m assuming you do because you are reading a pet care blog, it is important to regularly give him or her a flea preventative treatment, even if she or he is an indoor cat. For the uninitiated, fleas are external parasites that feed off your pet’s blood, and live and breed in your kitty’s fur. They are not selective, and will bite you and your family, too.  They are the most common complaint people make about having a pet in the family. They are dirty and can spread disease, not to mention making…

4 Goodness, Gracious, Great Hairballs of Fire!

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Let’s have a quick chat about hairballs, because if you have a cat, chances are you’ll have to deal with them at some point. Unlike sea lions, yes sea lions…cats have a gag reflex. That’s apparent by the number of times I am asked by cat owners how to prevent or pass them.  What is a hairball?  A hairball is a wet, sticky, ball of hair that has been regurgitated by the cat.  A hairball is simply an accumulation of cat fur that is not able to pass through the digestive system and instead gets trapped in the cat’s stomach.…

16 Self Cleaning Litter Boxes – Worth the Investment?

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There are a million things we love about having pets. They’re furry, loyal, cuddly…the list goes on and on. But on a regular basis, these incredibly cute creatures produce something that is a little less than cute. If I’m being completely honest, the poop situation is one of the reasons I have a cat instead of a dog. The poop is more contained, and I have less direct contact with it.  Regardless, it is a responsibility that cannot be ignored.
If you’re anything like me, i.e. uncomfortable dealing with the p-word,  self-cleaning litter boxes might be a worthwhile investment. I…

48 Cat Allergies & Workable Solutions!



Let’s face it people, cat allergies are a fact of life. Cat owners are all too familiar with the social awkwardness that can be created when entertaining friends or family that have allergies inside your cat-filled home. That said, it is still possible to have your feline friends coexist with your feline-allergic friends and yes, they can even become buddies! With a little bit of research and a few handy products, allergies do not have to dictate your social life.
The first stop on your anti-allergy shopping spree should be over-the-counter medication. There are many brands and delivery methods out…

2 Foxtails…The Prickly Killer


Foxtail - Pet Health

Not being from California, I had never heard of these things called Foxtails. I wasn’t aware that Foxtails can be dangerous and even fatal to pets. I let my dog run loose in a vacant lot full of them until someone clued me in. Now we go out of our way to avoid them. In Southern California, there are a number of different kinds of grasses that produce Foxtails.
So, what’s the deal with Foxtails?
A Foxtail is a “spikelet” that grows on certain types of grasses. It is basically a seed dispersal unit.  In the spring, these spikelets sprout…

Do Cats Have Nine Lives or One Life to Cherish?


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Who wouldn’t want their cat to have nine lives?  In reality, we know they have only one life to give.  As a veterinarian in practice, I’m going to share the top 5 cat care essentials that will keep our feline friends healthy and happy for their whole life.

Among the many cat behavior myths is the one that cats have multiple lives, it exists in many cultures around the world. Cats do possess remarkable abilities to land on four feet and blaze a path up the nearest tree, but they are no match for an oncoming car.
My most amazing…