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It’s National Cat Day!


grey & white tuxedo cat

Today is National Cat Day and to celebrate I’ll be showing you a little nationwide sampling of varietal adoptable cute kitties from, but first, a little back story…
National Cat Day occurs on October 29th and was founded by Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige. The goal of National Cat Day is to help raise public awareness concerning the number of cats that need to be rescued each year.
Last year, 12,023 cats found homes through National Cat Day celebrations and since the program was founded, approximately 75,000 cats and kittens have been adopted. You may not know that approximately…

The Indoor Cat Outdoor Cat Debate

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if i'm outsides i'm lost cat tag

It’s a debate as old as “What’s for Dinner”?  Should you let your cat go outdoors?  There are those pet owners that firmly believe in letting a cat fully experience its’ natural born behaviors such as climbing a tree, or chasing after birds. Opinions on this matter vary, but often include the notion that it is highly unfair to keep such a curious and free spirited cat confined only to the indoors. Then there are those pet owners who are fiercely adamant about keeping their cat indoor only.  There are good arguments for both sides, but after having worked in…

Kitten vs. Cat: The Eternal Debate


kittens in a cage

Let’s be real, no one can deny the irresistible pull of an adorable lil’ kitten. Cat lover or not, these teeny purring beasts have an inexplicable way of winning over everyone’s heart with their big round eyes, super sweet curious demeanor and fluffy as cotton-ball fur. It comes as no surprise then that more often than not it’s the shelter kittens that find their forever homes, while their adult counterparts dispiritedly look on. After all, they too get it: nothing tops the hilarity of a determined kitten chasing its very own tail! Sigh.

Alas, here you are inching your way…

Top 5 Reasons I Am Not a Crazy Cat Lady

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long haired tortie with blue eyes

There are plenty of us out there, you know, the ones who like cats a little more than the general public.  We are the constituency who live by the mantra:

Like potato chips, cats can be salty, sweet at times, and most importantly irresistible to our group.  We “cat people” want the real deal.  We are not satisfied with rabbits, lizards, birds or other small pocket pets.  According to us, what is one more cat when you already have two?
“Cat people” or as I like to call them, people who love cats…a lot…are often criticized for their passion.  Here…

CATS for Cats


brown tabby kitten with blue eyes

Last Saturday night, several of us Found Animals staffers attended a celebrity studded “school play” benefit for Kitty Bungalow – A Charm School for Wayward Cats, at the beautiful Orpheum Theater.  Kitty Bungalow is an L.A. nonprofit run by Headmistress Simons. They specialize in Trap Neuter Release (TNR) of feral cats all over the city as well as feral kitten socialization, care and adoptions.

They put on a unique interpretation of the famed play CATS and it was a lot of fun! The CATS for Cats production was based on the letters of T.S. Eliot, specifically, the stories he wrote…

2 Cats are Better in Pairs



I adopted my first kitten as a companion for my dog, who was suffering from separation anxiety.  The woman I adopted her from told me she was a “bottle baby,” which meant she didn’t have a mother and was raised on formula from a bottle by a kitten foster volunteer.

At that time, I didn’t know much about cat behavior and the words “bite inhibition” didn’t mean anything to me. I nicknamed my kitten Ms. Bitey because from the day I brought her home, all she wanted to do was bite and she would bite hard! I had a puppy…

Top 5 Things to Know Before You Adopt a Cat


2 orange tabby kittens

Since it’s the Cat Days of Summer, I thought I would do some research and come up with the top 5 things kids should know about cats before adopting a cat. Summer is considered kitten season so there are many cats and kittens waiting in shelters for someone to give them their forever home.

 I believe these are the top 5 things you should think about before adopting a cat:
1. It’s very important to spay or neuter your cat, if they aren’t already. Cats already have a more difficult time than dogs getting adopted so you should do everything…

Cats – The Real Underdog


calico in a cape

Hopefully you have heard that we recently kicked off our fantastic Cat Days of Summer campaign with the great news of our 500th cat adoption at the Cat Adoption Center.  This is an incredible accomplishment and we are very proud of the staff and volunteer team at our facility that work so hard every day for the kitties.  And we are very excited for 500th cat Oscar who got to go home with this bevy of beauties:

Unfortunately, even with amazing efforts like this, cats are still huge “underdogs” in our shelters and most cats are not as blessed as…

3 5 Things to Do When You Adopt a New Cat

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tabby kitten with ice cream cone

1.       Be Ready for Anything!
When adopting a new cat or kitten, you will most likely have a nervous kitty who needs some time to adjust to their new environment.  This could exhibit itself in the form of hiding under couches, in the closet, or under the bed.  It could also manifest itself into a kitten who is too anxious to sleep at night.  The best thing you can do is have patience and a plan, and in time kitty will have adjusted fully to its new forever home.
2.       Buy a Scratching Post.
If you haven’t already done so,…

5 Reasons to Adopt A Cat


Cat Adoption Center Logo

5.     Have you heard of the Cat Adoption Center? Located next to SEAACA in Downey, CA, the Cat Adoption Center specializes in adopting out – you guessed it – cats! Are you a cuddler or like to play a lot? Each of our adoption coordinators and animal volunteers are very familiar with all of the cats. They can help ensure you’re adopting a cat that will fit your personality and lifestyle. All cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped and ready to go home.
4.     It’s Kitten Season. Last week we blogged about how Kitten Season is in full bloom. If…