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Happy Hug Your Cat Day


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Happy Hug Your Cat Day! Adopt & Shop is a proud participant in Found Animals summer Cat Adoption Special 9 Lives for $9. Adopt any adult cat 9 months or older for only $9. (Regular $60) All cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations. Stop by Adopt & Shop or any of the other participating shelter locations and take home your very own cat to hug!…

Blind is Beautiful – Adopt Bumper the Cat


blind grey tabby on a orange blanket

Update 5/9/12 : Bumper has been adopted! Thanks for all your shares and best wishes to the little guy!
Many years ago when I was a Veterinary student, I owned a blind cat named Bumper. His name came from the fact that he was fearless and would bump into lots of things. When I heard there was a blind cat available for adoption at our Cat Adoption Center in Downey, CA, I had to see him.  The moment I picked him up, he nestled in my neck and started to purr, even though he was recovering from the flu. I…

Kitten Season is Upon Us


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Although it is difficult to differentiate the seasons while living in Los Angeles (an aside: I recently thought summer starts in May but the calendar tells me otherwise), I noticed on my calendar and from the Google Doodle that spelled out “Google” with beautiful spring flowers that we have officially entered spring season. And in the animal world, spring season is synonymous with kitten season.
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to common questions about kitten season:
1. What is kitten season?
Kitten seasons are periods of time during the year when cats have kittens. Kitten season occurs…

Little Pussycat – A Cat Adoption Story

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Gordon Langsam is a devoted Adopt & Shop volunteer who’s love for animals lead him to adopt a little cat named Mayflower in November of 2011.  Gordon shares his cat adoption story and updates us on how the newly renamed Pussy Cat is doing since he brought her home:
I took Pussycat to Petco just today to have her nails trimmed and teeth brushed. Although it took 3 adults to coax her into the cat carrier, the groomer said she was an excellent cat! She is a darling companion and being a cat, she is very independent and comes to…

15 (Mis) Perceptions of Cats


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My 69-year old single aunt recently moved into a retirement community for seniors. When I saw her over Christmas, I asked her if she would like to adopt a dog because she had always shown a fondness for my parents’ dog Johnny and my other aunt and uncle’s dog Jerry. She said that she didn’t want the responsibility that comes with owning a dog so I suggested she adopt a cat instead. Upon the mention of “cat,” she hissed (pun intended) and shook her head vigorously. At the same time, my mother who was sitting next to her was doing…

3 The Adventures (or Mis-Adventures) of Bo the Cat!

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For the last month and a half I have been fostering a cat, a 2-year-old grey and white tabby named Bo.  Who would foster a 2-year-old cat you might ask?  Well, Bo is a special little man as he was found at The Cat Adoption Center (CAC) steps with a badly broken leg and tail.
It was your average Sunday morning and Eziel, an animal care attendant at the CAC was unlocking the doors to the trailers to let the animal volunteers in.  When she approached the office trailer she noticed an adult cat lying peacefully and happily in a…

Romeo, Romeo, Where Art Thou?


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This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Share your pet adoption story.
I have always been fond of Orange Tabby’s ever since I could remember, and have always wanted one. Since moving to LA, it just hadn’t worked out to where I could adopt a cat. I either had roommates who were allergic, (or weren’t fond of animals) or couldn’t have one where I lived. It just wasn’t fair being the animal lover I am and growing up around them!
I since moved into a tiny studio (free of roommates) and had a place…

Mr. Jingles



This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Share your pet adoption story.
Over a year ago we adopted a cat via PetSmart and the Humane Society. I thought it was odd that they offered me the cat at a discounted price, but it was not until I got him home that things began to unravel. I named him Mr. Jingles, he is a very cute male tuxedo cat. He is 6, missing a fang, declawed, and missing most of his leg. When we brought him home he was petrified. I couldn’t hold or console…

16 A Black Cat Adoption Story


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Today is National Black Cat Day and to celebrate, we have special guest blogger & black cat owner Chris C.  who is going to share his adoption story with us! Welcome Chris!
I was volunteering with animals at a local animal shelter when I first encountered eFu (pronounced eee-foo). Normally I worked with the dogs, feeding them, refilling their water bowls and spraying down their kennels. One day I was asked to help feed the cats as the workers there were shorthanded. As I was making my way through the kennels and making sure the cats had food and water,…