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National Cat Day 2012

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Every day is National Cat Day (NCD) in the eyes of our feline friends. Sometimes humans need a little reminder though, so an animal-lover named Colleen Paige founded NCD in 2005. The goal is to raise awareness and get 10,000 cats adopted each year on October 29th. This may sound like a big number, but with current cat adoption rates, 1-2 million cats are being euthanized in animals shelters in the USA every year.
What’s especially unfortunate about this, in my opinion, is how a lot of potential cat owners exist, but they don’t even know it! Superstitions and misconceptions…

2 9 Lives for $9 Results Are In!

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Here’s a riddle for the animal lovers out there…
What has 6 toes, a pink nose, medium length white fur, and lives at the shelter?
Don’t know the answer?
It’s a cat named Dixie, and unfortunately, one of the most compelling reasons that cats like Dixie do not get adopted is for circumstances they cannot control; they’re adult cats.

Adult cats and un-weaned kittens comprise the majority of animals dying in shelters, and in an effort to curb these euthanasia numbers, the Found Animals Foundation created and funded a promotion this summer that directly targeted the adult cat population.  The…

Tales from the Cat Show 2012


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This weekend I attended my first cat show, A Cat Fanciers’ Association All Breed Cat Show,  hosted by the Santa Monica Cat Club. I wasn’t sure what to expect really. I wanted to learn more about the pure breed cat lover set, and I think a CFA show was a perfect first timer choice. The Cat Fanciers Association is a non profit founded in 1906 with their very first cat show taking place in New York in 1907, 105 years ago!
According to them, “CFA is known as the Fairest, Friendliest and most Fun feline association.”  Their goal is to…

8 Adopt a Black Cat – You’ll Be Glad You Did!


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Black cats have more baggage than your average feline. Seen as an enigma, a superstition, a symbol of luck – good or bad, depending on the tradition or belief, they are often misunderstood, or just plain looked over. Black cats have the lowest shelter adoption rate, a phenomenon dubbed “black dog/cat syndrome.” This is unfortunate, and not just for the cats- black cats make some of the best companions and people are really missing out! Although each and every cat has a unique personality, in general, I have noticed a few traits that really stand out in black cats. Here,…

The Cat Days of Summer – 9 Lives for $9


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We’re about to enter what are normally called the dog days of summer, those hot August afternoons that seem like they will never end.  But this year we’re celebrating the cat days of summer, because at $9 a pop the kitties are flying off the shelves of Los Angeles shelters and into the loving arms of adoptors!

Found Animals began its 90 day promotion on June 1st, with 19 participating shelters and adoption centers throughout Los Angeles County.  For only $9, a member of the public can adopt a spayed or neutered and vaccinated cat that is 9 months or…

2 Two Cats Are Better Than One… Really


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Have a cat, or thinking of adopting one? Believe it or not, you will save time and stress by doubling up and welcoming a second feline friend into your home. Trust me…I know from personal experience!
When I first visited the local animal shelter in search of the perfect pet, I knew exactly what I wanted: one cat. One perfect, sweet, adorable adult cat. (Senior animals are usually more mature, and often need less training than their puppy and kitten counterparts.) Fresh out of college and living in a small studio apartment, I figured I didn’t have time or space…

Jelly’s Journey

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It’s that time of year again, when the shelters are overrun with cats and kittens hoping for a new home. Here at Found Animals, every month is “Adopt A Shelter Cat Month,” so we thought we would share the heart-warming story of one cat’s journey from the shelter to her forever home.
Jelly came to the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (Seacca) with a broken paw that had healed imperfectly, causing it to look abnormally large and face inward, towards her body.  When she walks, her leg quivers (much like jelly) and it looks as though she might fall over–…

6 The Many Benefits of Adopting an Adult Cat

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If you’re anything like me, you probably spend most of your day either at work, sitting in traffic, or running countless errands in between.  Often times the highlight of my day is opening my front door to be happily greeted by my 3 adult cats.  Yes, they’re probably hungry and have been expecting me for over an hour, but that’s beside the point…
While I am away at work, my adult cats generally stick to the same routine.  First, they sleep.  Second, they look for an open bag of chips or crackers that I forgot to put away and third,…

3 The Tiniest Kitten Grows Up


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Approximately three months ago I had the opportunity to adopt a kitten that was 1 week old and found in a shoebox in some bushes by a friend who rescued him. The time since caring for him and raising him has been an extremely fun and rewarding experience, and he’s the apple of my girlfriend and my eye! Raising a pet from such an early age and having to bottle feed have definitely brought out my “Fatherly” instincts! I am extremely emotionally attached to Greywind and feel a sense of pride watching him grow up and love watching him experience…

9 Lives for $9


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Summer is officially upon us here in Los Angeles and that means sunshine, BBQ, vacation, and animal shelters bursting at the seams with adorable animals in need of a home.  Summer time is especially tough for adult shelter cats.  With floods of baby kittens arriving every day, our older feline friends are often overlooked at this time of the year.
The Found Animals Foundation team knows that adult cats need love too, so we are partnering with 16 local shelter locations to launch our new summertime cat adoption drive – 9 Lives for $9.  From June through August any cat…