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Adopt & Shop’s 1 Year Anniversary Party


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We had a great time celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary this past Saturday May 5th at Adopt & Shop.  With over 775 pet adoptions last year, it was a very busy day and we enjoyed visits from some of our previous adopters.  Together with members of the community we shared stories, cake and microchipped animals from the public.

All in all, it was a great day and we’re looking forward to our next year of adoptions!  Thank you to the Found Animals Volunteers and Adopt & Shop staff for pulling it all together for this special…

8 Adopt & Shop — It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary!


Adopt & Shop Lakewood

We have had quite a year here at Adopt & Shop.  It took a lot of work to turn this former yogurt shop into the one-stop pet adoption and pet care supply shop that you see today.  We learned how much dirty laundry four VERY LARGE Old English Sheepdogs can make.  We survived Black Friday at the Mall.  And together with our staff and volunteers, we have successfully sent 775 animals to their forever homes.
Many of these pet adopters have revisited the shop to share photos and stories of their pets—which we love!  We’ve also enjoyed reading the adopter…