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3 Product Review: Yoga Cat Mat


Yoga Cat 5

Now I know what you’re thinking.  It’s probably the same thing I thought when I first saw the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat.  Cat’s don’t do yoga.  Their morning stretch does resemble downward facing dog, but that is about it.
However, when you look a little closer at the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat, you’ll see it is actually genius!  It is utilitarian in nature and that really appeals to me because I love it when one product has multiple uses!

Here is why I think the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat is a great item:
1. The texture is…

Product Review: Eco Dog Toys


shepherd mix with Furchun toy

To help kick off the opening of Michelson Found Animal’s new e-commerce site,, I was asked to review a few items carried in our online store.  Assisting me in this task were some of the most discriminating critics I know – my lab, Scout; my lab, Boo Boo; and my parents’ Border Collie mix, Bonnie.  These three fun-loving ladies were more than eager to get their paws on some new swag for the cause.
The first item I introduced to Scout and Boo Boo was the Bumi.  It retails at $15.99 for large and $12.99 for small.
Here is…

4 Dog Treats: Made in the USA


westie giving paws

By now, you may have read about numerous cases of dogs falling ill to food products manufactured in China, particularly chicken jerky.  The FDA has not yet identified the specific ingredients responsible for causing illness, but in the meantime, using caution and buying smart have proven to be the best ways in preventing accidental harm to your furry loved ones.  Start by looking for treats with “Made in the USA” displayed proudly on the package.  In order to bear that label, the Federal Trade Commission requires the use of all American-made products, from ingredients to packaging to production site.  Also…

2 Adopt & Shop Receives a Lion’s Share of Donated Blankets


Lion Heart girls making blankets for donation

This summer, the industrious members of Lion’s Heart, a non-profit organization for youths in 6th through 12th grade, spent their time serving their communities.
When the Adopt & Shop (a retail-adoption store that benefits shelter animals) opened their newest location at the Shops at Mission Viejo, the Lion’s Heart Ladera Ranch 2019 Girls Blue Chapter saw an opportunity to help!

Armed with 400 yards of fleece, an army of scissors, and a world of determination, these 15 young ladies got to work cutting blankets for their four-legged friends. In the end, the girls made over 200 beds for all of…

Adopt & Shop Mission Viejo Grand Opening Wrap Up


vegan cake

Yesterday Found Animals celebrated another amazing milestone–the opening of our second Adopt & Shop location, this one in The Shops at Mission Viejo! We were privileged to have the Mayor of Mission Viejo, Rhonda Reardon, and members of the City of Mission Viejo government and Chamber of Commerce on hand to honor the occasion with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony.
We commemorated the day with games, giveaways, discounts and of course a delicious vegan cake and refreshments for all who attended.
A special “Thank You” to the City of Mission Viejo Mayor Rhonda Reardon, President-Elect of the Mission Viejo Chamber of…

Bringing Shelter Pets to the People in Mission Viejo!


2 puppies in a window

Generations of children have gone googly-eyed for a puppy in the window at the mall pet store, often without realizing that the puppy was likely raised in less than humane conditions to be sold for an exorbitant price while equally adorable shelter pets were being euthanized across town.
The idea of adopting pets at retail locations has been around for quite a while, and dedicated retail adoption centers take things to the next step. It’s the perfect solution to the dilemma, you take the shelter pets to the people in a busy retail setting and capitalize on the fact that…

Hug a Chihuahua at Adopt & Shop Mission Viejo!


young woman holding tan chihuahua

We are excited to announce our second Adopt & Shop location is opening its doors this month! Adopt & Shop is a new kind of pet store, a one stop pet adoption center. Whether you’re looking to adopt a cat or dog or buy pet food and supplies, Adopt & Shop can help you. Our adoptable animals come directly from local shelters, they are spayed or neutered, microchipped, current on their vaccinations and ready to go home. We are dedicated to reducing euthanasia of adoptable animals in our shelters and offer pet owner support for the life of your adopted…

Happy Birthday Adopt & Shop!


couple with 3 adopted dogs

Adopt & Shop Lakewood turns two years old today and we want to wish them a very happy birthday! Since opening their doors in April 2011, Adopt & Shop has placed more than 1,500 shelter pets into loving homes.
We’d like to thank the staff and volunteers for providing excellent care for the animals and to all the adopters out there, THANK YOU for saving lives by adopting instead of shopping, Adopt & Shop could not do what they do without you!
This year, we are excited to announce the opening of two more Adopt & Shop locations! In mid-May…

4 Return to Shelter – Chewie’s Story



Hi! My name is Chewie, and I would like to share how I came to find my forever home.
Last year, I was adopted by a family from the Adopt & Shop, who I lived with for only a few months. Sadly, they had to send me back but they said it would only be temporary. They promised to find me a good foster family until they could come get me again. So, off I went back to the Adopt and Shop. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be back on display to show off my cuteness. Instead,…

2 Adopt & Shop Celebrates 1000 Animals Adopted



Adopt & Shop is proud to announce that we’ve just hit our 1000th adoption!
Since opening our doors in April of 2011, we have adopted out 1000 animals! We’ve been able to send a total of 408 cats and 592 dogs to their forever homes.  We average approximately 65 adoptions per month and knew that we were on track to hit this milestone shortly after our one year anniversary.
On Tuesday, July 9th Kathy Middough walked into the shop and asked to meet Einstein, a two year old Shih-Tzu mix.  Since her husband is a truck driver and is away…