Pet Food Review: By Nature for Cat and Dog

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By Nature is one of the great cat and dog food brands that Found Animals’ Adopt & Shop store in Lakewood, California carries.  If you are looking for a high quality pet food with protein as its main ingredient, you may want to try By Nature.  They offer a wide variety of dry and wet food for dogs and cats, including puppy, kitten, weight control, active, grain free and organic. They also offer a line of dog treats.  You can view the nutritional labels for each type of food on the By Nature website. Of all the dog food and cat food my pets and foster pets have tried, chicken meal is not only the healthiest, but also the favorite (sssh–don’t tell my hens!) main ingredient.

One of my dogs, Kamir, is a purebred sheepdog that I adopted from an animal shelter.  Like many purebreds, she is prone to certain health problems like food allergies.  Many pet foods I’ve tried, even high quality pet foods, make her scratch her skin compulsively, but she has had no problems since being on the By Nature Diet. I feed her the basic Adult Dog Formula.

My Dogs: Kelby & Kamir

I recently fostered a 4 month old black kitten named Midnight, and he gobbled up By Nature kitten formula dry food (available in 4 lb & 8 lb bags) twice a day!  I softened the kibble with hot water first to help him not get dehydrated as he recovered from a kitten illness.  Thanks to By Nature and some TLC, Midnight is currently at Found Animals’ Cat Adoption Center waiting for the right family to come adopt him.

By Nature is also a great company. They donate tons of pet food to animals in animal shelters every year.  In addition, all of their products are American made, which means the animals that are the food source are raised and slaughtered under more humane regulations than some other countries.  By supporting By Nature, you’re nourishing your pet with a product that helps less fortunate animals. If you are in the Lakewood area, consider buying By Nature from Adopt & Shop, all proceeds Adopt & Shop receives go back into helping animals.

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2 Responses

  1. Dog Food says:

    Wow, Kelby and Kamir are very cute and fuzzy dogs. I have always wanted a larger dog like this. As far as by nature I have heard a little bit about it but never tried it myself.

    I have been getting into making my own food recently which I hear is pretty healthy. Anyway, thanks for the information!

  2. Rubi says:

    Hmm makes ME want to try this food. Animals must love it!