Bringing Your New Dog Home: Training Seminar Recap

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Our trainer, Chelsea, gave a seminar at Adopt & Shop last week and outlined some basic training tips for bringing a new dog into your home. If you couldn’t make it in person, fear not, we recap them here to get you started:


When bringing a new dog home, the most important thing to remember is to go at the dog’s pace.

Each dog takes time to adjust to a new environment, and we can make it easier on him by giving him a safe space all his own.  This space can be a crate, a dog bed, or a certain room.   Make this area a zone that belongs only to your dog.  Guests don’t approach the dog in this space, and the family lets him have alone time there.  This way, if your dog becomes unsure of a situation, he will go to his safe zone to become

Begin teaching your dog his new (or maybe not new) name.

Have some yummy treats, say his name and then hand him a treat.  This is a great bonding game to play with your dog that also helps training!

Make it easier on your dog by sticking to a schedule.

Breakfast and dinner around the same times daily, walks about the same length, and maybe even daycare once or twice a week.  Make sure this schedule works for you and your dog for the long term.  You don’t want to have your dog adjust to a new home and schedule only to change it once he falls into the rhythm.

Remember, each dog has a unique story and personality.  Your dog’s pace is the correct pace.  The more slowly you move with your new dog, the faster and more confidently your dog will be able to adjust.

Unsure about training your pup on your own? If you are in the Los Angeles area you can take classes with Chelsea!

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