Author: Estelle W.

Dating With Pets Contest | #DateFauxPaws



It was a warm evening, so when my date arrived to pick me up, I suggested we walk to the restaurant.
“Great,” he said, “I probably won’t even need this jacket.  Can I leave it here?”
Seeing through his ploy but not really minding, I hung his jacket over the back of a chair and off we went.
Everything had been going so well.  We’d had a nice dinner, great conversation, and there was definitely chemistry between us.  Until we got back to my apartment. The smell assaulted us as soon as I opened the door. “Ugh – what the…?”…

Found Animals Gala: November 1, 2014


Honoree Erika Brunson with Dr.Gary Michelson and Aimee Gilbreath

On Saturday, November 1, Found Animals hosted its third annual gala in celebration of “Leaders in Animals Welfare.” The black-tie affair, at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, CA, was hosted by Dr. Gary Michelson and his wife Alya to recognize the business leaders, politicians, philanthropists and individuals from around the country who are contributing to the cause of reducing euthanasia in animal shelters.
The evening’s honorees included:
The Honorable Herb J. Wesson, Jr., President of the Los Angeles City Council, for his work in promoting pet adoption.  Council President Wesson has played a critical role in giving a voice…

Together, We Raised Over $1 Million Dollars for Companion Animals



Written by Jen P.
The inaugural Michelson Saving Pets Challenge ended on October 30th, but we’re just now recovering from the excitement!
Together, the participating organizations raised over $899,658.  That means with Found Animals’ contribution of $115,000, we raised nearly $1,014,658 for pets.  It also marks the first ever, pet-focused Challenge in CrowdRise’s history.
In the final 24 hours, over $145,000 was raised by 39 charities vying for the grand prize.  Another $50,000 was raised during the final 10 minutes of the competition, making for an exciting end to the Challenge.   After all was said and done, Santa Fe Animal…

Pets for Patriots: Uniting Best Friends, One Hero at a Time



“There are no unwounded soldiers in war.  The end of your call of duty is just the beginning of your private battle.” – Charles Meshel, WWII Ball Turret Gunner 8th Air Force, 447th Bomb Group 708th Squadron, Phaneuf crew.
This sentiment, uttered by a WWII Veteran, underscores the important mission of our featured charity, Pets for Patriots. Pets for Patriots came to our attention during their participation in our Savings Pets Challenge, and after learning about their work, we couldn’t think of a better organization to highlight on this Veterans Day.
Pets for Patriots was born from an epiphany that…

Stamping out Suffering: Puppy Mill Awareness Day


Photo courtesy of Julie Wolfson

When you see a cute puppy in the window of a pet store, your first thought is probably not where that puppy came from.  That’s why many people don’t know that puppies offered for sale at a typical pet store, in the classifieds, or online, often come from puppy mills.
Puppy mills are an issue that we at Found Animals care deeply about.  So much so that we have been an integral part of bringing “humane model” pet retail into our Los Angeles communities.  A “humane model” pet store is one that pulls healthy, adoptable pets from local shelters to…

Service Dog of the Day: Stormy


service dog stormy

Meet Stormy.  This 4 year old black lab was a bomb dog with the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines stationed in Afghanistan.  Highly trained to sniff out improvised explosive devices, during one foot patrol in the mountains of Helmand Province, Stormy located five roadside bombs, saving both soldiers and civilians from injury and death.
Josh Miller, who served in Stormy’s unit, said this about Stormy:  “He was a great dog, not only because he could find IEDs, but also because of his personality and his companionship.  You’d go out on patrol and get shot at for three hours, then you’d come…

96 Fake Service Dogs: Harming the Reputation of Real Service Dogs


working dog

August 3-9 is National Assistance Dog Week – a week set aside to honor the over 20,000 dogs nationwide who help their humans overcome disabilities by working as Guide, Hearing and Service Dogs.  These dogs are specially trained, sometimes from birth, to help people navigate specific issues such as blindness, deafness, paralysis, epilepsy, and PTSD, to name a few.  The people who rely on these dogs on a daily basis often say that without them, they would not be able to function.  But for the past several years a disturbing trend has taken root that threatens these dogs and their…

118 Saying Goodbye to Your Dog: How to Know When It’s Time


footparints and pawprints in the sand

For every person who loves and shares their life with a dog, the dreaded and inevitable day will come.  The day when you question whether or not to intervene in how and when your dog’s life will end. The first time for me was two and a half years ago, when I had to make the decision for my dog, Rex. One day, he was his normal, happy self – a little stiff in the backend as 11 year old German Shepherds can be, but otherwise healthy.  The next day, he was lethargic, not interested in food or water, and…

More than Best Friends: Dogs and Our Mental Health


little girl with comfort dogs

Tell me how you’re feeling.
Ok, look at this.
Now, how are you feeling?
If you just smiled and let out a bit of tension with thoughts of, “awwwwww,” congratulations, you are human.
For thousands of years, humans have cultivated relationships with dogs.  Though controversial, some scientists even theorize that humans domesticated dogs long before they began settling into groups and cultivating agriculture. No matter when it began, the strong bond that developed between human and canine continues to evolve.  The more we get to know our four-legged companions, the more we love them.  One very good reason…

Product Review: Eco Dog Toys


shepherd mix with Furchun toy

To help kick off the opening of Michelson Found Animal’s new e-commerce site,, I was asked to review a few items carried in our online store.  Assisting me in this task were some of the most discriminating critics I know – my lab, Scout; my lab, Boo Boo; and my parents’ Border Collie mix, Bonnie.  These three fun-loving ladies were more than eager to get their paws on some new swag for the cause.
The first item I introduced to Scout and Boo Boo was the Bumi.  It retails at $15.99 for large and $12.99 for small.
Here is…