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6 For the Love of a Pit Bull


2 pit bulls napping together

I have always loved dogs (and cats, and rabbits, and horses, and goats – but those are other blogs).  My mother had a purebred doberman when I was born and that dog and I were inseparable throughout my early years.  When she left us, as dogs always do too soon, there was a mischievous black Labrador.  He came to us as a puppy when I was in third grade and died after a long, full life while I was away at college.
So you could safely say that I grew up knowing what it is to love a dog, or…

Saving Pets Challenge Launches Today!


dog and cat in the grass

There’s some big news from Found Animals today – the Saving Pets Challenge to expand lifesaving programs in communities across the United States has kicked off!  We have put $100,000 of funding up for grabs in this first-of-its-kind program.  Competing animal welfare organizations use CrowdRise, one of the fastest growing online fundraising websites, to raise money for a program of their choice.
The three organizations that raise the most money during the challenge period get grants of $50,000, $20,000, and $10,000 from Found Animals.  Another $20,000 in bonus grants will be given out along the way.

One of the things…

Help Pets When You File Your Taxes!


orange tabby cat in a shelter

If you are anything like me, tax season is not your favorite time of year.  Being the daughter of a CPA , my dislike of early April was acquired at a young age and has never left.   This year, I managed to get my taxes done by the end of March (barely), which I consider an accomplishment!
For me, the one real bright spot in the process (aside from a possible refund) is the opportunity to support pets when I file my taxes.   Many states give you the opportunity to donate to worthy causes when you file your return.   In…

Spay & Neuter Round Up: The Latest on Pet Sterilization Programs in Los Angeles



Every February is cause for special celebration here at Found Animals thanks to Spay & Neuter Awareness Month and World Spay Day.  We were founded with a mission to minimize the number of animals euthanized at shelters across the United States and preventing the birth of unwanted litters is a fundamental tool in that fight.

Since our founding in 2005, we have supported an ever-growing portfolio of pet sterilization programs, and this year, many of them are celebrating important milestones.
Affordable & Accessible Spay Neuter in Los Angeles:
Found Animals Foundation provides funding, in-kind, and moral support to several fantastic…

Bringing Shelter Pets to the People in Mission Viejo!


2 puppies in a window

Generations of children have gone googly-eyed for a puppy in the window at the mall pet store, often without realizing that the puppy was likely raised in less than humane conditions to be sold for an exorbitant price while equally adorable shelter pets were being euthanized across town.
The idea of adopting pets at retail locations has been around for quite a while, and dedicated retail adoption centers take things to the next step. It’s the perfect solution to the dilemma, you take the shelter pets to the people in a busy retail setting and capitalize on the fact that…

State of the Union of Pets


cat in front of american flag

As 2013 dawns there is no doubt that pets are more important than ever in our lives and in society. Having long since made the transition from working partners or outdoor companions to indoor members of the family, pets across America are now dressing better than their owners by day and stealing the covers in bed at night. The most recent census data indicates that more US households have a pet than children under 18 and the more than $50 billion a year market for pet products and services has continued growing right through the worst down economy in a…

Found Animals Year in Review 2012


Found Animals employees

2012 has been an amazing year for the Found Animals Foundation team and as we take time to reflect and celebrate this holiday season we wanted to share some of our accomplishments and plans for the New Year.  Since our mission is to minimize the number of pets killed in shelters, we focus on programs that reduce shelter intake and increase live release rates.  All told, over 130,000 pets and their people were helped by Found Animals programs this year and we look forward to seeing that number grow dramatically next year.  None of this would be possible without the…

3 Celebrate Pit Bull Awareness with Hector and Wallace


wallace the pitbull

Anyone who’s met me (or my dog Rufus) knows that I am a huge fan of pit bull type dogs, and that I consider it a personal mission to dispel the myths about pit bulls.  So, I’m incredibly excited that Found Animals has the privilege of hosting two celebrity pit bulls in Los Angeles on October 30th.   The wonderful Roo and Clara Yori are trekking out west with their amazing dogs Wallace and Hector – and you are invited to meet them!
Wallace is a shelter pit bull who went on to become a disc dog champion and is the…

3 Don’t Be Unlucky: 13 Halloween Pet Safety Tips For A Tail-Wagging Good Time!


2 kittens in dresses

Found Animals recommends taking some common sense precautions to make this a fun-filled and memorable Halloween for animals and animal lovers alike. As a pet owner, you know your pets best, but as a reminder, here are 13 pet safety tips to consider for a safe and happy Halloween season!

• Keep your pet stress-free by choosing a costume that fits properly and isn’t too much of a distraction to your pet. While dressing up your dog or cat can be fun, there are a few things that should be considered when picking out a costume for your pet.…

Feral Cat Day 2012


feral cat colony

With two cat related “holidays” coming up in October – Feral Cat Day on October 16 and National Cat Day on October 29 – it’s a great month to talk about our feline friends.  We here at Found Animals spend a lot of time thinking about cats and we’re excited to share with you.
History of Cats
Humans have always had a complex and nuanced relationship with cats and many historical figures have considered their felines both companion and muse.  From Marie Antoinette to Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein to Freddie Mercury, and Mohammed to Mark Twain a huge diversity of…