Adopt & Shop Culver City’s Blockbuster Summer for Pets

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It’s a Blockbuster Summer for Pets at Adopt & Shop Culver City! From June through September, come meet the hottest adoptable dogs and coolest adoptable cats in the business. All adoptable pets at Adopt & Shop are sourced from local shelters in Southern California. Where else can you take home your leading man or leading lady while saving lives?

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the smash hits that everyone will be talking about! Tell your friends, and be the first in line to give a pet a second chance.

Adopt & Shop Culver CIty Dogtourage


Meet the Cast of DOGTOURAGE


Adopt & Shop Culver City's Blockbuster Summer for Pets - Milo


  • Milo, a 2-year-old Dalmatian Mix, stars as Vincent (“Vince”) Chase. He’s got star-studded good looks (and a bit of a wild side) and loves to be surrounded by trustworthy people and good friends. Full of personality and energy, he will take center stage in your life. Milo is a true celebrity who will need the support of a full team to help expel his energy with lots of walks through town. He is real a show stopper, though, and will repay his fans with lots of smiles for photo-ops. Milo (like any big star) is at his best when given lots of attention and love.


Adopt & Shop Culver City's Blockbuster Summer for Pets - Gage


  • Gage, a medium-sized mixed breed, stars as tough guy talent agent, Ari Gold. He’s a fast talker who may take some time to warm up to you, but once he does, you’re golden. Gage puts up a tough exterior but is loyal to a fault and will always have your back. Gage requires reinforcement by a close confidante to bring him back to earth when his passions kindle. Show him the loyalty of a best pal and he will return it tenfold.


Adopt & Shop Culver City's Summer Blockbuster for Pets


  • Teddy, a Lhasa Apso/Spaniel Mix, is driver and friend, Sal (“Turtle”).  He’s the guy who will find the good in any situation and bring calm to the group. Teddy is mild-mannered and very sweet.
  • Oakley, Amstaff Mix, as Manager and best friend, Eric Murphy.  He’s all business, but gets excited when with his friends. He’s a proven best buddy who looks forward to being a lifelong companion to whoever is lucky enough to take him home. Oakley will give you full loyalty in return for your companionship and friendship. (Oakley has been ADOPTED!)
  • Stud Muffin, a 3-year-old Amstaff Mix, plays Vince’s half-brother, Johnny (“Drama”) Chase. He’s always there to play a supporting role in Vince’s life and will be any lucky adopter’s best friend. He loves a good steak and has a tough guy persona, but underneath it all lies a heart of gold. (Stud Muffin has been ADOPTED!)

Come “Meet The Cast” at Adopt & Shop-Culver City and take a selfie with your favorite star! Share your photo with us on Instagram, tag @adoptnshop and use #dogtourage. Help us find these leading men their forever fans!