Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week: Available Cats and Dogs!

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Last week, we posted a blog about “Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week” and our upcoming Adopt & Shop promotion! In case you missed it, you can read the whole blog here.

To summarize, Petfinder has designated the third week in September “Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week” to raise awareness about animals in our nation’s shelters and rescues who need a little extra help finding the right home.  What pets are considered “less-adoptable” or are often overlooked? Amazing pets that fall into these categories:

  • Adult Cats (over 9 mos. old)
  • Big Dogs (over 40 lbs.)
  • Black Pets
  • Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, and Their Mixes
  • Senior Pets (five years and older)
  • Overweight Pets
  • Bonded Pairs
  • Shy Pets
  • “Only” Pets
  • Special Needs Pets

Beginning Friday, September 19th, Adopt & Shop will be waiving $50 off the adoption fee on these available cats and dogs. The discount is good at both the Lakewood and Culver City locations. If you are interested in any of these animals, please stop by Adopt & Shop and one of our adoption counselors will be happy to help match you with the perfect pet for your home and lifestyle! You can click on each picture for more information.

Available at Adopt & Shop Culver City

chocolate chihuahua mix

Female chihuahua mix, “May”.

white pit bull

Female pit bull terrier, “Aly”.

black miniature poodle

Our senior poodle who is also a black dog, “Manny”!

young man holding chihuahua

Another sweet senior, this chihuahua mix is “Shakespeare”!

white terrier mix

Male terrier mix, “Ozzie” has a slight heart murmur so he is considered “special needs”.

Tri-color beagle mix

6-year-old senior, Tri-color beagle mix, “Ruby”!

young man holding white terrier

This little lady is “Torri”. She has reduced vision in one eye.

black cat

Black cat or miniature panther, “Binx”!

orange tabby

He’s older, orange and slightly overweight, this is “Garfield”!

black cat

This handsome black cat is “Bob”! He does not enjoy the company of other cats so he should be an “only pet”.

tuxedo cat

This beautiful, adult, female black tuxedo lady is “Diana”!

black kitten

This sweet little black kitten we call, “Dobie”.

long-haired tortie

Beautiful long-haired adult tortie girl, “Hera”.

black kitten

Little black kitten “Licorice” is looking for a home!

long-haired tabby

This 5-year-old male tabby cat is named “Mufasa”!

Available at Adopt & Shop Lakewood

chihuahua mix in a dress

This cute chihuahua mix is “Faline”!


Black terrier mix is “Ziggy”!


“Ralphie” is an adorable black terrier mix.

black cat

This young black cat we call “Goddard”!

Please feel free to share this page with any friends or family who are thinking about adopting a new pet. Every animal is an individual and all of these animals will make their new owners very happy if they get the chance. Thanks for reading!