Adopt Kittens and Save Twice the Lives!

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adopt kittens

Did you know that cats are the number one euthanized pets in our animal shelters? According to ASPCA statistics, “of cats entering shelters, approximately 37% are adopted, 41% are euthanized, and less than 5% who come in as strays are returned to their owners.” At Adopt & Shop, we want to change those numbers, so for a limited time, we are offering two kittens for one adoption fee and 50% off adult cats.

Why Adopt Two Kittens?

When you adopt kittens two at a time, it benefits both of you because:

  • It will be easier for them to transition into your home. Having a sibling or a buddy gives them a sense of continuity and comfort as they adjust to their new surroundings.
  • They will be happier and healthier. Cats and kittens left alone all day can become lonely, depressed, and even ill.Ā  Having the stimulation of another cat will keep them engaged and social, and prevent them from manifesting their boredom in destructive ways.
  • They will learn how to be a “proper” cat. “Cute” kitten behavior such as scratching and biting can become a problem when the cat gets bigger. Kittens learn appropriate biting and scratching levels from playing with each other and recognizing cues when they’re being too rough or too mean.

Why Adopt Two Adult Cats?

Sometimes, cats come to Adopt & Shop already bonded to each other. Adopting a bonded pair will make life easier for you since there is no introduction period, and you will be giving them the opportunity to continue living with the one they love. If there are no bonded pairs available, talk to one of our staff or volunteers to help you assess which two make the best match.

adopt two cats

Don’t forget – adopting two cats or two kittens is also twice the fun! Imagine all the joy they will bring you with their sweet snuggles and silly antics. Most importantly, you will be saving more lives: the two you adopt and the next two we can then take from the shelter. Visit Adopt & Shop today to meet all of our adorable, adoptable felines!

Have you ever adopted two kittens or two cats together? How was the experience for you, and for them? Let us know in Comments.

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1 Response

  1. cathy says:

    have adopted two kittens at the same time, presumably litter mates. They remained loving and cuddly to each other til death at 14 and 16 years. It also did help with taming them as they were not socialized when I got them. One was less timid and willing to interact with me, leading to the other becoming more kitten becoming more relaxed and accepting.