Blind is Beautiful – Adopt Bumper the Cat

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Update 5/9/12 : Bumper has been adopted! Thanks for all your shares and best wishes to the little guy!

Many years ago when I was a Veterinary student, I owned a blind cat named Bumper. His name came from the fact that he was fearless and would bump into lots of things. When I heard there was a blind cat available for adoption at our Cat Adoption Center in Downey, CA, I had to see him.  The moment I picked him up, he nestled in my neck and started to purr, even though he was recovering from the flu. I shared the story with the caring staff and he inherited my former cat’s name – Bumper.

blind grey tabby laying on an orange blanket

The cause of Bumper’s blindness may never be known because his history is vague. The more common causes of blindness in young cats are; taurine deficiency (an essential amino acid in the diet), adverse reaction to certain drugs and inflammation of the retina. The possibility of other medical conditions, such as a weak heart, may exist. The good news is that most blind pets function well.

To adapt to blindness, cats use their powerful hearing and sense of smell. Up close, their whiskers act as sensory antenna to air movement and touch.  Playing with Bumper will be important in order to avoid obesity and encourage behavioral wellness. The creative use of sound can be used to help blind kitties play with toys or locate areas to go to.  The use of a scented litter box, with easy access, will help him use the litter box.

Bumper would do best with a mature couple who has lots of time to care and interact with him. A smaller apartment or restricted area of the home, where litter and food are close, and hazards removed, is optimal. Blind cats should always be kept indoors and transported by carrier when traveling or outdoors.

If you are interested in meeting Bumper, send an email to or visit him at:

Cat Adoption Center,  9777 Seaaca St., Downey CA, 90241


Tue-Fri 11am-6pm and Sat 10am-5pm

grey tabby cat being held by an animal volunteer

Thank You!

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  1. Fei Z. says:

    What a good news to hear! Thanks for the lovely family who adopted Bumper and wish nothing but the best for Bumper.