Happy New Year! Our Four Legged Friends Share Their Resolutions for 2013

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It’s that time again when our crazy owners make resolutions and promises to themselves and others about how to behave better in the New Year, and then celebrate excessively to cement the deal.  In an effort to get along and go along with those who feed us, pet us, walk us and forgive us over and over again, we pets will also do our best to be better in 2013!

Axel (Jennifer W.’s dog) – Tennis balls are for chewing not for eating.  When I eat them, they make me barf on the nice carpet.  Tennis ball vomit should not be re-eaten.  It looks good, but it makes people think that I’m gross.

german shepherd with santa

Santa pleease bring me more tennis balls!

Harry (Jennifer W.’s dog) – I resolve to pause before I bark.  I’ll count to ten first.  I don’t know what ten is.  I’ll count to two.

terrier sitting on the ground

I’m Harry! Who are you?

Turkey (John’s African Grey Parrot) – I will tone it down when my owner is on the phone.  Every single time John takes a phone call, regardless of what it is, I decide to make every noise possible to get John’s attention.  I whistle, “bark” like a dog, mimic the microwave, act like the car alarm and will repeat the things I hear John’s wife and John say to their kids or dogs. It makes it tough to have important conversations!

african grey parrot

Maybe I’ll keep it down and maybe I won’t…

Cheetah (Angela’s dog) – I want to learn more tricks so I can show up the newest member of the family, a cute lil’ Chihuahua named Roo.

Gus and Donovan (Becky’s dog and cat) – We resolve to learn how to cuddle with each other.

cat and dog on a bed

I’m watching you Gus, keep still and you won’t get a claw to the face!

Darcy (Hilary’s dog) – I want give my senior self a break and find activities and places I can go to with Hilary that don’t require too much running or walking.

Hilary’s cat – I want Hilary’s boyfriend to get allergy shots!

Juneau and Beezle (Jennifer C.’s dogs) – Our resolution is to stop sneaking in on mom and dad’s bed!

2 dogs napping on a bed

But we like to be comfortable too!

Chris (on behalf of all pets at his building) – We resolve to hold it until we make it outside of the building.

Foster Kittens (Courtney’s pack) – We resolve to get adopted and settle in well with our new families!

kittens on a chair

Adopt Us!

Bean (Deva’s cat) – My resolution is to trim some pounds so I can do more tricks.

Pumpkin (Deva’s cat) – My resolution is to mail Bean to Siberia.

Pink (Katy’s cat) – My resolution is to stop trying to kill Katy.  She does feed me after all.

white terrier

Namaste Cats

Yuki (Kimi’s dog) – My resolution is to calm my terrier instincts and see cats as friends, not food.

April Snow (Ahavia’s dog) – I resolve to seek help with my addiction to television remote controls.  My record in 2012 was 12 remotes.

Rio (Annie’s Dog) – I resolve to stop huffing and growling at people when they approach my gate. Especially when my owner tells me it is okay and to quiet down! Secretly though, showing off how tough I am and being a protector is my main joy in life.

black shepherd mix

Can I have some of your chicken please?

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013!!

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  1. Alizabeth says:

    This is great! Very funny captions.