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On June 11th of this year, Adopt & Shop launched an adorable campaign on their Instagram called 100 Kitty Days. As many of you know, Kitten Season is a phenomenon that happens every spring when the weather starts to warm, and hundreds of thousands upon millions of cats give birth all over the world. Even though little kittens are really, really cute, Kitten Season is anything but.

shelter kittens

Please sir, we need you to keep us alive sir…

Our Kitten Foster Project manager, Jen, did a great job of explaining some of the finer points of Kitten Season in a blog we posted last September called, “Kitten Season Purrs On.”

In short, it is not unusual for animal shelters to receive HUNDREDS of kittens in a single day during the height of Kitten Season. Animals shelters simply do not have the resources needed to care for these kittens until they can be adopted, so the majority are euthanized unless fosters step up to help.

The Kitten Foster Project is a group that coordinates between animal shelters and foster volunteers. The KFP team pulls the at-risk kittens and the foster volunteers take the kittens home and care for them until they are able to be spayed/neutered and put up for adoption. The former foster kittens are then dispatched to both Adopt & Shops (in Lakewood and Culver City, CA) where awesome people come adopt them and give them homes. Since May, over 235 kittens have been saved with the help of foster volunteers.

white kitten

Pretty kitties like this one that are just purrfect.

And it is just that simple. Every foster volunteer is responsible for saving that tiny life. So how does #100KittyDays factor into all this?

Now that the foster program has been rolling along for a couple months, we have a lot of kittens that are ready to find homes! Every day, for 100 days, we will be posting the picture of an adoptable kitten in the hopes that someone will see and adopt them, plus four more! We hope to adopt out five kittens a day, for a total of 500 kittens in 100 days during our campaign.

2 tabby kittens at Adopt & Shop

Double trouble! Kittens do really well in pairs.

If you haven’t followed us on Instagram, you can find us @AdoptNShop. If you like what you see, please #regram, tag your friends and family and help us spread the word!

We thank you very much, and the kitties thank you too! To see the rest of our adoptable kittens and support our #100KittyDays campaign, find us on Instagram here!

tabby kitten yawning

Thank you!