Introducing the Kitten Foster Project

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Kitten season is that time of year when winter turns to spring and baby kittens are born.  Unfortunately, it’s not as cute and magical as it sounds because many of these tiny creatures will find their way into an animal shelter.  Because most shelters do not have the human power or financial resources to care for these little ones, they are often euthanized within hours of intake if no foster is found.  As popular as cats and kittens are on the internet nowadays, ironically, they are still among the most euthanized groups in animal shelters.

The good news is that…

Microchip Monday: Step Out of the Car Please…


jerk dog cop cartoon

Don’t let your dogs (or cats) get caught cruising without a license, pet ID tag and valid microchip registration!  Cruising with no identification is a great way to end up in the animal shelter, and providing proper identification is part of being a responsible pet owner.
Approximately one in three pets will be lost in their lifetime.  Without identification, many lost pets never make it home.  Microchips and pet ID tags greatly increase the chances that your pet will be returned to you.
Has your dog been been busted without identification? Share your story in the comments below.…

Bringing Home Your New Kitten

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girl with kitten

Adopting a kitten is a happy and exciting time.  You’ve found the perfect little bundle of fluff and now you are preparing to bring him home.  Knowing what to expect from your kitten’s first days in your home will help you better prepare for his arrival, especially for the first-time cat parent.

Give Kitty Time to Adjust.
Once your new kitten is home, he may feel overwhelmed and scared, and he may try to hide under a bed where you can’t interact with him.  It’s best to start him off in a small room, such as a bathroom, where you…

Ruffwear Gear for your Adventure-Loving Dog


Bernese Mountain dog wearing Swamp Cooler vest

Ruffwear products are durable and perfect for anyone with an active dog and active lifestyle!  Their design focuses on keeping your dog comfortable and safe.  Ruffwear’s mission is to build performance gear that enhances and inspires outdoor adventures for dogs and their humans.  They have created so many great products for the adventurous pet; collars that do not absorb moisture, dog coats that act as a life preserver and vests that will keep your buddy cool on a long, hot hike.
Let’s check them out!
When we are going for a hike, we make sure to bring plenty of water,…

Happy 3rd Birthday Adopt & Shop Lakewood!



Adopt & Shop Lakewood celebrated their 3rd birthday on April 12th and, as we prepare to open the largest and grandest Adopt & Shop to date, we want to express our gratitude to the staff, volunteers, adopters, community supporters and our partner animal shelters, SEACCA, Long Beach Animal Care Services, Los Angeles Animal Services, and the County of Los Angeles Animal Care and Control, for making our little pet shop so successful!

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Adopt & Shop, it is a simple one.  Take the pet store model of yesteryear, but instead of selling puppies…

Product Review: Comic Kitty Cat Bowl


orange tabby drinking from comic kitty cat bowl

Like many of you, I find my pets adorable.  And ridiculous.  Their crazy animal antics keep me smiling, and remind me how grateful I am that they don’t have opposable thumbs.  There would be no stopping the silliness!
Thankfully, I found a cat bowl that is as entertaining as they are: the Comic Kitty cat bowl.

Filled with food, the Comic Kitty is a practical, cat-shaped kibble buffet.  It’s easy to clean (via sponge or, for us lazier humans, dishwasher), and very lightweight.  Unlike ceramic bowls of a similar thickness, it is quite resistant to chipping.  This is great news…

4 Happy 1st Birthday to the South LA Shelter Intervention Program!

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Happy 1st Birthday to the South LA Shelter Intervention Program!

On April 6th, 2013, Downtown Dog Rescue and Found Animals forged a partnership to begin the South LA Shelter Intervention Pilot Program.  The goal was to prevent 400 animals from entering the South LA animal shelter through the end of the year.
The idea was a simple, but important one, for the impoverished area of Los Angeles that experiences extremely high numbers of owner-relinquished pets, overcrowded kennels, and a high euthanasia rate.
A sign was hung near a table staffed with DDR volunteers asking “How can we help you and your pet?”

By offering resources such as low-cost and free…

Microchip Monday: Intercontinental Animals


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Traveling overseas with a pet can be a complicated affair.  Every airline and country seem to have a different policy and there is usually no wiggle room to make a mistake.
The internet is full of alarming stories about animals being lost, detained, quarantined and a number of other unfortunate outcomes completely beyond the owner’s control.  However, if you absolutely must transport your cat or dog to another country via airplane, a microchip is mandatory and the chip number must match all other travel documents including pet passport, veterinary and vaccination records.

If you tune in every other week to…

Celebrate National Pet ID Week By Keeping Your Pet Out of Shelters and in Your Home!


dogs in a cage at animal shelter

National Pet Identification Week begins April 20th.  To commemorate, let’s revisit a few statistics.

Roughly half of the five to seven million animals that enter U.S. animal shelters every year are lost pets.  Currently, only 2% of cats and 15% – 20% of dogs are reunited with their owners.  This means that 1 in 3 lost pets never make it back home.  Sad and startling numbers to be sure, but there is a very simple way you can avoid this fate for your own pets.  Make sure a legible, up-to-date ID tag is attached to your pet’s collar and keep…

The Road to a Kitten Foster Project

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4 foster kittens

This blog entry is going to be great… it’s about kittens! How can it not be?
Well, I’ll tell you, but stick with me.  Every year in Los Angeles, area shelters are overrun with unweaned  kittens, due in part to Southern California’s mild weather and unsterilized male and female cat  populations.  With limited resources to save animals, even of adoptable age, most of these little ones are euthanized within hours of entering the shelter.  It’s easy for us members of the public to be outraged by this, even skeptical, as to how many ‘resources’ tiny kittens even require.  But believe…