Dating With Pets Contest | #DateFauxPaws


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It was a warm evening, so when my date arrived to pick me up, I suggested we walk to the restaurant.
“Great,” he said, “I probably won’t even need this jacket.  Can I leave it here?”
Seeing through his ploy but not really minding, I hung his jacket over the back of a chair and off we went.
Everything had been going so well.  We’d had a nice dinner, great conversation, and there was definitely chemistry between us.  Until we got back to my apartment. The smell assaulted us as soon as I opened the door. “Ugh – what the…?”…

Bringing Your New Dog Home: Training Seminar Recap



Our trainer, Chelsea, gave a seminar at Adopt & Shop last week and outlined some basic training tips for bringing a new dog into your home. If you couldn’t make it in person, fear not, we recap them here to get you started:

Tip 1:  When bringing a new dog home, the most important thing to remember is to go at the dog’s pace.  Each dog takes time to adjust to a new environment, and we can make it easier on him by giving him a safe space all his own.  This space can be a crate, a dog bed,…

Dog For Dog Talks Dog Food


Dog For Dog

In this highly customizable world where you can tailor practically everything to your specific likes, measurements and specifications, dog owners are increasingly viewing their pet as a reflection of themselves. Big guys have big dogs. Runners have dogs who like to run. Healthy people have healthy dogs.
People choose dogs to fit into their lifestyle. It’s long been said that  the term “pet owner” has been replaced by “pet parent.” And a  study by Pew Research shows that 85% of dog owners think of their pet as part of the family, and 94% had a “close” relationship with their dog.…

Volunteering with Animals: Volunteerism on the Rise Nationally

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Volunteer With Found Animals

It’s no secret that volunteering has many benefits, including confidence building, increased mental and physical wellness, networking opportunities, and a sense of social responsibility, to name a few. Reflecting on the last year at Found Animals, our team has been incredibly thankful for the amazing volunteer staff that help us keep things running smoothly each day. In 2014, Found Animals adopted out over 1,300 animals and served hundreds of thousands of pets between all of our programs, and we simply could not do it alone. It excites us to see that volunteerism continues to be on the rise nationally, particularly…

Meandering Through the Microchip Maze | 4 Golden Rules



Originally published in Pulse Magazine | November 2014
Written by: Deva Content and Executive Director, Aimee Gilbreath.

Guiding Your Practice to Microchip Mastery
In spite of the myriad issues plaguing America’s microchip economy today, microchips are still the most reliable form of permanent identification for pets. Mass movement toward the ISO standard and increasing awareness of universal scanners and are chipping away at the number of microchipped pets that slip through the cracks in the system. As animals professionals, we have a duty to not only educate our clients on the microchip registration process, but also to implement…

January is Train Your Dog Month

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It’s January and you know what that means! It’s time to break your bad habits, but what about your dog’s?  Here at the Found Animals Foundation, it’s time for our pups to break their bad habits as well.  In honor of National Train Your Dog Month, we are answering some of the questions that are most frequently asked of our Adopt & Shop Culver City Trainer, Chelsea.
Do your dogs exhibit any of these bad behaviors?
1. My dog loves walks so much she can become over excited and uncontrollable – What should I do?
To begin, make sure every…

2014 – Over One Million Pets Served!



‘Tis the season for gratitude, reflection, and celebration and the team at Found Animals has one million reasons to raise a glass and toast 2014. We are wrapping up our year by achieving an incredible milestone – ONE MILLION PETS SERVED! That’s right, our programs funded by Dr. Gary Michelson, have now helped over one million pets and their people since 2008. Nearly 500,000 pets benefitted from our programs in 2014 alone, which is almost twice as many as last year.
Here are some of our 2014 highlights:

  • Michelson Prize and Grants program received its 300th Letter of Intent and

The Twelve Pets of Christmas


All I want for Christmas is a happy home! Save $50 off our adoption fees this December.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shelter,
The Twelve Pets of Christmas were in need of a helper.
For although these Twelve Pets have so much to offer,
These groups are ignored when it comes to adopters.

Group One is adult cats, aged nine months and up.
Why adopt only kittens? They’re cute, but grow up!
Fully grown cats need forever homes too,
Could one of these cats make its new home with you?

The next group of pets (and this one astounds):
Big, lovable dogs weighing forty-plus pounds.
A cuddly pooch you…

We Like Big Mutts and We Cannot Lie!



We like big mutts and we cannot lie!
You purebreds can’t deny,
That when a mutt walks up with an interesting face,
And spots all over the place,
You drop tongue, and you go “ruff, ruff!”
‘Cuz you know that mutt is tough!
Big heart and oh, so daring.
You’re hooked and you can’t stop staring!
I’m tired of the AKC, saying purebreds are the thing.
Keep your sire’s papers; keep your pedigree,
Only mixed breeds are for me!
So fellas, ladies, have you gone and got your mutt?
(Not yet!)
Adopt one, foster, LOVE that crazy mutt!
Get one…

SAWA 2014 Annual Conference Symposium Recap


Black Dog-edited500x393

Written By: April H.
Many of us have heard the famous quote by Albert Einstein “If you always do what you always did, you will always get the what you always got.”  If there was one theme to the symposium at the SAWA 2014 Annual Conference this year, it was challenging our current ideas and beliefs in the animal welfare industry.
For those of you that were not able to attend, the National Council on Pet Population Research Symposium sponsored presentation after presentation that focused primarily on the impact and application of Behavioral Science in animal shelters.  It is rare…